Synergy: A software that enables simultaneous control of two computers (Windows, Linux, Mac – universally compatible) with a single keyboard and mouse.

Introduction to SynergyWhen you need to use multiple computers simultaneously, multiple sets of keyboards and mice will quickly squeeze the available space on your desktop, and switching keyboards and mice back and forth can be particularly troublesome, leading to operational errors. My work environment involves sharing between a desktop and a laptop, each equipped with … Read more

Understanding the Principles of Standalone Keyboard Design through a Case Study

Introduction: Understanding the Principles of Standalone Keyboard Design through a Case Study A microcontroller along with 4 independent buttons (S1~S4) and 8 LED indicator lights form a standalone keyboard system. The 4 buttons are connected to pins P1.0~P1.3, while the P3 port connects to 8 LED indicator lights. The schematic diagram is as follows: When … Read more

Mechanical Keyboard Design: From Principles to Practice

Table of Contents:I. Principles of Mechanical KeyboardsII. Design of Mechanical KeyboardsIII. Practice of Mechanical Keyboards With the prevalence of computers, keyboards have become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. As a high-end keyboard, mechanical keyboards are increasingly favored by people due to their good tactile feedback, long lifespan, and fast response speed. This article … Read more

Are mechanical keyboards good? Why do so many people like mechanical keyboards?

Keyboards are essential computer peripherals. In the early years, computers and servers were mostly equipped with mechanical keyboards. Later, membrane keyboards replaced mechanical keyboards due to their cost-effectiveness. However, mechanical keyboards have never disappeared. They have always been regarded as high-end products, deeply loved by gamers and enthusiasts. For some friends who haven’t used mechanical … Read more

Membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards, what exactly are the differences in their principles?

Backlit keyboards, gaming keyboards, multimedia keyboards, mechanical keyboards… There are so many types of keyboards on the market, what are the differences exactly? How should one choose? Many readers may not have a deep understanding of keyboards. When shopping in stores or online, they often come across various names such as backlit keyboards, gaming keyboards, … Read more

Why Use a Mechanical Keyboard for Programming

The reason for using a mechanical keyboard for programming lies in providing a better typing experience, durability, key travel and feedback, customization, and programming efficiency. Among these factors, typing experience is particularly crucial as it can reduce finger fatigue caused by long hours of coding. Mechanical keyboards use individual switches beneath each key, providing tactile … Read more