How to build a customizable 60% mechanical keyboard

custom wireless mechanical keyboard

A slight improvement can give you lots of benefits; it may be your new mechanical keyboard through which you can avoid mistaking faults and maybe your sitting arrangement while planning for writing for hours. How can we build our own custom wireless mechanical keyboard? How can writing properties be improved? How much time does it take to … Read more

Top 6 reasons why you must have a customizable mechanical keyboard

customizable mechanical keyboards

How customizable mechanical keyboards are different from our regular keyboards? What are the advantages of using mechanical keyboards? Can it increase your writing accuracy? And all the other questions that arise in your mind related to custom wireless mechanical keyboards are answered here. There are varieties of keyboards depending upon different-different purposes and comfort. You might have seen that … Read more

The Ultimate guide to Keycaps

mechanical keyboard keycaps

How often does it happen that you feel an urge to finally renovate your keyboard into something dramatic, something unique, something that makes people go… “Wow! Cool!”. If you feel the same, chances are you are already a fan of the new mechanical keyboards that have revolutionized the art of keyboard customization. Also, to add … Read more

Anne Pro 2 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo are the market’s new gamechanger!

Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Gaming today has become no less than a sport. It requires both your brains and fingers on the keyboard to function super-fast. However, when playing on a normal keyboard, it happens many times that we end pressing the wrong key. Ultimately, we lose whereas, a gaming keyboard ensures minimum chances of pressing the wrong key. … Read more