Anne Pro 2 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo are the market’s new gamechanger!

Gaming today has become no less than a sport. It requires both your brains and fingers on the keyboard to function super-fast. However, when playing on a normal keyboard, it happens many times that we end pressing the wrong key. Ultimately, we lose whereas, a gaming keyboard ensures minimum chances of pressing the wrong key. It also makes it convenient for the players to run their fingers on the keyboard real fats.  Let us get to know more about gaming keyboard:

A gaming keyboard is specially made for gaming. It has a particular number of keys from the original standard keyboard. Gaming keyboards are designed in a human-friendly manner. In a gaming keyboard, the keys that come in a lot of use are ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’. All these are placed adjacent to each other and have ample space among each other as well. A gaming keyboard actually has a WASD layout which is also useful in terms of ESC Key, controlling Volume and F1 and F12 Keys. When we talk about a keyboard, we cannot miss out on the mouse. Well, it is impossible to handle a computer screen without a mouse. But when we use the word gaming, we must wonder “Has anything changed with the mouse?”. The answer is ‘YES’. Over the years, the mouse has gone through a considerable amount of change. From a rolling ball, it has got modified today into a laser mouse. Now, a mouse has nearly 17 buttons on which enable it to perform more functions than before.  Now that we know what gaming keyboards are and how it helps the gamers to play smoothly, we must know about its uses.

Uses of a Gaming Keyboard

  • It provides comfort while playing- Yes, gaming keyboards are designed in a way that they can provide comfort to the player while he/ she is playing. Nowadays, to finish a game, one needs to spend a long stretch of time.  Minimum 20 mins to 1 hour sometimes. Such a long duration can only be entertained if the keyboards are comfortable to handle. Gaming keyboards have a limited number of keys, they are small and are comfortable to play with.
  • Mechanical Keys – The keys placed on the standard keyboard required much force to press. However, the keys of a gaming keyboard do not require that much force.  In gaming, every second matter. So if you take more time to enter a  key, it might have a considerable influence on your game.  Mechanical keys in the gaming keyboard enable faster typing.
  • Macros – In a standard keyboard, there are special keys that are supposed to be used in a different way, unlike the usual keys. For this, you have to remember a set of keys that you need to press to perfume a certain task. But in a gaming keyboard, there are macros which is a big advantage. These macros are keys that have sequenced command very chronologically. Therefore, you do not have to remember the set of keys instead, you can just press macros keys to perform a lot of functions. 
  • Customized Control Pads – In a gaming keyboard, there are custom keys pads, that are a substitute to the frequently used WASD keys. These allow the gamer to control his character in the game in a better way.
  • Backlighting – This is one of the sole reasons why gaming keyboards have become so attractive today.  Backlighting creates a huge impact. The colors of the backlight come in RGB format. Gamers love the backlighting feature in the gaming keyboard because it allows them to play even in dark and also makes the game very interesting for them.

 Moreover, with the increasing craze of games, many companies have now started to come up with Gaming keyboard and Mouse Combo for a thrilling game experience. Many models of gaming keyboards have come up in the gaming market but among all Anne Pro 2 gaming keyboard can prove to be an ideal pick. 

Let us understand why it can be a great choice;

Anne Pro 2 gaming keyboard is a well-built ergonomic keyboard. It has 60% of keys on its keyboards which comprise a limited number of keys and macros. It takes up very little space so that it can fit anywhere. It ensures comfortable keyboard handling and it has a wired latency which is low. It has amazing backlighting as well that makes up for a great gaming experience. The keys are placed very conveniently for the gamers. They have proper space among them and do not make an unnecessary sound while typing.

Let us take a closer look at Anne Pro 2 Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo features ;

  1. RGB Lighting – Anne Pro 2 has backlighting of 16.8 million. It can be customized fully with amazing lighting. 
  2. Magic FN keys – Magic FN Keys are placed so that they can perform functions of other absent keys. It can also record many custom functions and perform them in one go.  This makes the keyboard portable in the best way. 
  3. Tap Mode arrow keys – Although this keyboard does not have arrow keys but right control, Fn1 and Fn2 act as a substitute for the arrow keys.
  4. Both Wired and Wireless – This gaming keyboard holds the potential to work both with wired and wireless.
  5. Compatibility – Anne Pro 2 is very compatible as it works with almost all types of interfaces – Linux, Android,  Windows, and iOS.
  6. Great Battery Life – This gaming keyboard has a battery capacity of 1900mah and can work up to 8 hours. It also has a switch attached with it which on being turned on saves extra usage of battery.
  7. Good durability of keys – The keys within this keyboard have higher durability with double shot PBT keycaps. They are smooth and have a good cover.
  8. C-Type Connection – It uses of C-Type of connection cord.
  9. In-built Chip – Annepro has an in-built Dual ARM Cortex-M chip which is quite powerful and enables the keyboard to perform many functions like Magic Fn, alignment, lighting effect, and macro settings that do not let the keyboard hamper its own function.  It also in keeping larger memory.

As we can see that Anne Pro 2 possesses all the possible features that contribute to making it an ideal gaming keyboard especially among gamers.

Comparison between the old and new version of Anne Pro 

  • Wired and Wireless

The previous versions of gaming keyboards were not functional to function wireless, whereas the Anne Pro 2 keyboard can function both wirelessly and with wires.

  • Variety in switches

The previous versions of gaming keyboards did not have many varieties of switches. The Anne Pro 2 gaming keyboard comes with a variety of switches.

  • Backlighting

Anne Pro 2 gaming keyboard comes with a much better RGB lighting feature. This makes gaming more interesting for the gamers.

  • Software Managing

This comes with a software management system for managing most of its keyword’s functions. But the previous gaming keyboards manage a lot of their functions through the keyboard.

  • Keyboard Functionality

The Anne Pro 2 gaming keyboard functions in a very compatible manner with most of the interfaces, unlike other gaming keyboards.

  • Cable length

While most keyboards come with a cable length of nearly 5.2ft, the Anne Pro 2, comes with a cable length of 5.9ft.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using gaming keyboards

Let us analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using a gaming keyboard and mouse combo;

  • Advantages –
  • These gaming keyboards have higher key life. This means that keypresses have a longer life.
  • As these keyboards have a longer key life, they do no come out easily from the keyboard.
  • The keys on the gaming keyboard can perform multiple functions.
  • The keys on the gaming keyboard are quite stable and they are very strong as well. So they can take up a lot of pressure.
  • Disadvantages
  • These gaming kids have a louder sound level in comparison to other types of keyboards.  It might be problematic for some people.
  • These gaming keyboards are a little expensive in comparison to other keyboards.

What makes Anne Pro 2 different from others?

We have closely studied the comparison of other keyboards with Anne Pro 2 keyboard and mouse combo.  Let us some up the points that make it different from others;

Annepro 2It quite user-friendly gaming keyboard with easy to understand feautures. It can be used with both wires and wireless as well.It also has an outstanding RGB Backlighting. However, its color mixing ability could be improved.It is very compatible with all types of interfaces; Windows, Androis, Linux, iOS. macOs etc.
Ducky One 2 MiniAlthough it is wireless but it cannot be used as wireless.The backlighting is amazing.It is partially compatible with macOS and Linux
Keychron1This also works only with wires and cannot work as a wireless keyboard.The baclighhting is good including color mioxing but it is not a programmable keyboard.Not compatible in Androis, iOS.


To sum it well, the Anne Pro 2 keyboard and mouse combo is great to use especially for gamers. It is quite durable and provides just the right feel while playing a game.  It has all the possible functions that make it an ideal gaming keyboard. These are portable and can be used in the dark as well. 

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