Spanish gaming hardware company launches split keyboard. Can you guess the price?

As the most commonly used device for both office workers and gamers, keyboards not only need to look good but also be functional. In recent years, major manufacturers have invested a lot of effort into keyboards, leading to increased competition in the market. We spend hours typing, working, or gaming on keyboards every day, which … Read more

Established for ten years, with a market share of 50%, Siberia, infused with “eSports blood,” how much do you know about it?

My first close encounter with Siberia was at my former workplace, IT168. At that time, female eSports were booming like never before, and as the organizer of the largest female eSports event in China, the “MeiZi Cup,” and the head of the frontline reporting team, my responsibilities included traveling around the country for coverage and … Read more

Gaming Keyboards vs Regular Keyboards: Choose Your Battle Buddy

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“How much does a gaming keyboard cost to be fun? A guide to choosing a gaming keyboard.”

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The Ultimate Solution to the Typewriter Keyboard Layout Mystery

Today, typewriters have completed their historical mission and, apart from being collectibles or for appreciation, they have basically lost their practical value. However, the keyboard that evolved from them remains an integral part of our lives. Even smartphones, which don’t have physical keyboards, still feature the ancient QWERTY keyboard layout on their virtual keyboards. Keyboard … Read more

Explore immersive experiences in the digital age

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Keylogging: Communication tool in the digital age

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What is The principle of an ergonomic keyboard revolves around designing a keyboard that promotes natural and comfortable hand and wrist positions to reduce strain and fatigue during extended typing sessions.

The principle of an ergonomic keyboard is to provide the most optimal user experience based on the natural structural characteristics of the human body in keyboard design. When using a traditional keyboard, the forearms typically form an angle. The construction of a standard keyboard requires our hands to remain parallel when typing, leading to involuntary … Read more

Comfort Typing: Exploring Ergonomic Keyboards for All Users

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