Established for ten years, with a market share of 50%, Siberia, infused with “eSports blood,” how much do you know about it?

My first close encounter with Siberia was at my former workplace, IT168.

At that time, female eSports were booming like never before, and as the organizer of the largest female eSports event in China, the “MeiZi Cup,” and the head of the frontline reporting team, my responsibilities included traveling around the country for coverage and ensuring excellent service for the event’s sponsors, one of whom was Siberia.

Therefore, the initial and most prominent label Siberia left on me was eSports. After all, besides the MeiZi Cup, Siberia also sponsored another well-known domestic event — WCA — and launched the Siberia K9 WCA 2016 Special Edition headset. That year was 2016.

Fast forward to 2021, ChinaJoy, hailed as one of the four major gaming expos globally (the other three being the E3 in the United States, the Tokyo Game Show, and the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany), took place as scheduled. Once again, eSports became one of the hottest topics of the summer of 2021, and Siberia reappeared on my radar.

In the world of keyboards, a new competitor has emerged to challenge traditional layouts: gaming keyboards. But how do they differ from regular keyboards? This page delves into the key differences, advantages, and considerations to help you choose the keyboard that suits your needs.

Key Differences
Several key characteristics differentiate gaming keyboards from regular ones:

Key Switches: Gaming keyboards typically feature mechanical switches for faster response times and durability, while regular keyboards often use membrane switches.
Response Time: Critical for gamers, gaming keyboards have faster response times, providing a competitive edge.
Durability: Designed for intense gaming sessions, gaming keyboards are built to withstand more keystrokes.
Benefits for Gamers
Gaming keyboards aim to enhance the gaming experience:

Customizable Keys: Programmable macro keys allow quick in-game actions.
Backlighting: More than just aesthetics, backlighting on gaming keyboards helps identify keys in low-light conditions.
Anti-Ghosting Function: Ensures every keystroke is registered, even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously.
Considerations for Non-Gamers
For those who don’t play games, regular keyboards may be more suitable:

Cost-Effective: Regular keyboards are typically more affordable.
Simplicity: They offer a straightforward typing experience.
Quiet Operation: Membrane keys are often quieter than mechanical switches.
Price Comparison
While gaming keyboards offer advanced features, they also come with a higher price tag. Especially if gaming isn’t your primary focus, balancing benefits with costs is crucial.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual user, choosing between gaming and regular keyboards ultimately depends on personal preferences and usage. Gaming keyboards offer specialized features to enhance gaming performance, while regular keyboards provide a more traditional and often quieter typing experience. Choose according to your needs, and you can’t go wrong.