Spanish gaming hardware company launches split keyboard. Can you guess the price?

As the most commonly used device for both office workers and gamers, keyboards not only need to look good but also be functional. In recent years, major manufacturers have invested a lot of effort into keyboards, leading to increased competition in the market. We spend hours typing, working, or gaming on keyboards every day, which can lead to wrist, arm, shoulder, and back pain. The split keyboard, Dygma Defy, designed by the Spanish gaming hardware company Dygma, aims to address these issues effectively. The price is estimated to be $299 USD (approximately 2000 RMB).

When users use this split keyboard, they can place their wrists, hands, and shoulders in a natural position, aligning their hands and forearms, which can open the chest, straighten the shoulders and back, and enhance typing comfort. This is thanks to its split design, integrated palm rest, and built-in support frame of up to 60°. At the same time, it also comes with palm rests and palm pads, allowing users to type more comfortably. The palm pads are made of a special dense foam that softens under pressure and is held in place by a series of hidden magnets at appropriate positions, and they are also removable and easy to clean.

Due to its split design, the Dygma Defy keyboard allows for the placement of any items in the middle, such as a mouse, notebook, or coffee, making it ideal for designers, gamers, and more, and it’s also very friendly to left-handed users. Additionally, the keyboard’s columnar layout helps reduce the number of finger movements, making users feel more natural. Users’ fingers can move in a straight line to reach the keys above and below the main row, rather than diagonally. This not only increases comfort but also speed. A more rational keyboard layout and programmable design can further improve work efficiency.