Here it is! Mechanical Keyboard Recommendations You’ve Been Waiting For

Many friends have been asking about keyboards, and here we go—keyboard recommendations as promised. Fruit has collected mechanical keyboards worth buying for Double Eleven.

This time, keyboards are categorized by layout. The first part focuses on full-sized layouts with numpads, primarily 98 and 104 key layouts. The second part covers tenkeyless layouts, mainly 84 and 87 key layouts. The third part includes compact layouts without numpads and function keys.

You can jump to the section that suits your needs.

Full-sized Layouts

Let’s first look at some worthy purchases among the full-sized keyboards with numpads. Currently, these keyboards mainly feature the 98-key layout, which is more costly due to more keys, and there are relatively fewer entry-level products.

Mojike MG108B

Reference price: 165 – 199 yuan

For beginners, Mojike MG108B is a practical choice, priced at 165 yuan during the sale. This keyboard features three-mode connectivity, Mac mode, and hot-swappable switches, using Kailh switches, which are decent for entry-level. For 199 yuan, you can upgrade to TTC switches.

One downside is that the quality of the dampening material is average, but for newcomers to mechanical keyboards, this might not be a major concern. Overall, it offers good value for money.

VGN V98 Pro V2

Reference price: 299 – 439 yuan

The second recommendation is the VGN V98 Pro V2, an upgrade from the V98 Pro, one of the top choices in the mainstream price range for 98-key layouts. It features Gasket mounting and dampening materials, offering a sturdy typing and gaming experience. Recommended switches include Steam Wave Pro for entry-level and Arctic Fox for higher-end options, both high-quality choices.

Compared to the older model, the new version adds right alt and Home keys, simplifies the cable management, and upgrades the control chip for lower latency.

Keychron Z98 Gaming Edition

Reference price: 299 – 439 yuan

The third option is the Keychron Z98 Gaming Edition, featuring high-quality components including Gasket mounting and quad-layer dampening, upgraded with single switch cut-outs, a small screen, and multifunctional knobs. It offers improved aesthetics compared to others in the same price range, particularly the charming 459 yuan version. It’s a great choice for both personal use and gifting.

One drawback is the limited switch options unless you opt for the quiet package with Select or Combine switches.

Dareu A98 Master

Reference price: 438 – 535 yuan

The Dareu A98 Master introduces an interesting gasket structure innovation, allowing users to adjust the keyboard’s tactile feel using a switch on the right side, enhancing the typing experience in various scenarios. However, due to its new structure, the keyboard is quite thick and is best used with a wrist rest.

ROG Strix 2 RX PBT Edition

Reference price: 749 yuan

The ROG Strix 2 RX PBT Edition features highly stable RX optical switches, ideal for gaming with quick trigger responses. It supports IP57 dust and water resistance, capable of withstanding unexpected spills.

In terms of design, the second generation includes dampening materials, resulting in a softer sound. It also supports detachable Type-C cables, eliminating the need for bulky cords. This keyboard is perfect for pure gaming, with rapid rebound RX optical switches, though less suitable for extended typing sessions.

Tenkeyless Layouts

Next are the tenkeyless layouts, which omit the numpad. Fruit believes these are sweet spots, offering cheaper prices than full-sized keyboards under the same configuration. They take up less space on the desk, providing more room for mouse operation, although users needing the function key area should check if their required keys have been removed.

Ai Shitou ZN84

Reference price: 139 yuan

First is the Ai Shitou ZN84, a three-mode keyboard priced at just 139 yuan, without falling into the trap of higher prices for improved configurations. It uses reliable Kailh switches for both feel and reliability.

The keyboard operates on two AAA batteries, making battery replacement convenient. However, in wireless mode, lighting effects are not supported. This keyboard is suitable for typing enthusiasts and also supports Mac mode, making it compatible with iPads and Mac computers.

Wolf Spider F75

Reference price: 99 – 259 yuan

The Wolf Spider F75, a traditional top choice, boasts ample filling materials and includes a volume knob. Versions priced above 169 yuan feature single switch cut-outs and other enhancements compared to the base model, making it highly recommended. This keyboard currently stands out for its excellent quality among similar keyboards, making it a reliable choice overall.