What Is Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

Before understanding Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX mechanical gaming keyboard, we have to get acquainted with Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard.

So what is Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard?

Anne Pro 2 is a mechanical gaming keyboard brought to us by Obinslab. Obinslab is with everything taken into account a reputed creator these days for its exceptional mechanical consoles. 

Legitimately after the dispatch of the Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming console, it transformed into the best 60% mechanical gaming console in the market.

That should be enough for you to have a clear glimpse of Anne Pro 2.

We are now coming to Anne Pro Cherry MX keyboard.

Understanding Cherry MX stuff

In simple words, Cherry MX is something gamers love. All of their passion is virtually inclined towards pressing keys or switches all their career to move a character and live the character in a virtual world.

So, Cherry MX is a type of switches or keys on the keyboard. No matter whether your preference is the silence after pressing the key or the sound which gives you the ultimate pleasure of playing a game after pressing a key, Cherry MX has it all.

We will discuss the most popular and commonly used types of Cherry MX now, 

Cherry MX Blue

CHERRY MX Blue and CHERRY MX Blue RGB keys are click-style keys that give considerably more significant discernible and material input with each keypress. Snap style key switches will always predominantly be having higher reset positions and require more major stimulation power so that they may play out a piece more stagnant in quick tap circumstances. Gamers and scholars who wouldn’t fret trading a touch of speed for authoritative aural and material keypress affirmation will appreciate these switches.

We also have an Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX keyboard in its Blue fragment.

Cherry MX Brown

The switches known as CHERRY MX Brown and CHERRY MX Brown RGB switches are material style switches, with a whack along the movement way that gives affirmation each time a keypress is enlisted. These switches establish harmony between click switches and direct switches as far as sound criticism is given and the power expected to recruit a keypress. These kinds of keys are favoured by gamers who organize precision over speed and clients who appreciate quickly knowing whether a key was squeezed. Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX keyboard has a Cherry MX brown variant too.

Cherry MX Red

The keys CHERRY MX Red and CHERRY MX Red RGB switches are direct tone keys; their proceeding path doesn’t have the whack used to give material input. These switches don’t need to reset past that knock to enlist a recurrent press, so gamers who need to instantly twofold tap or triple-fold-tap keys will appreciate the perimeter in speed. The smoother development makes these switches calmer than material and snaps keys. Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX keyboard has this variant too. So silent gamers, proceed and grab one Anne Pro 2 for yourself.

What do we get in the box when ordered Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX variant?

Most of the stuff we get in the box is the usual necessary goodies that our keyboard needs and even desires.

We get,

  • Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX keyboard
  • A USB-C cord
  • Shaded modifier keycaps.
  • Keycap puller
  • And a user manual

We get a keyboard which is quite obvious as that is the man of the match!

Then we get a USB-C cord. In case you don’t want to enjoy your Bluetooth compatibility.

Then shaded keycaps. I mean, who doesn’t want to have them as they might turn out to be a good reserve later on!

The Keycap puller which we get with all of this is nothing exceptional, just your ordinary keycap puller.

And a user manual. This happens to be a mandatory ingredient in our box from the perspective of the packagers.

Outlines of Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX keyboard

As we know Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX is a variant of Anne Pro 2 Mechanical gaming keyboard, this shows performance features quite similar to Anne Pro 2.

Anne Pro 2 can precisely overthrow any of its rivalry keyboards in the 60% keyboard market.

Not only it can defeat the opponents in its price range but also the ones above.

This keyboard has some of the eye-catching attributes like its good looks and six-pack abs like physical body makeover.

As this Anne Pro 2 which we are discussing here is Anne Pro 2 Cherry MX version, it has Cherry MX keys. All three variants are included in their subtypes which we discussed above. You might have an idea about Cherry MX switches now. 

As the original one, this one too has RGB backlights. 

As we discussed, it can be utilized as a wired keyboard by using the USB-C cord or even wirelessly over its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

This console comes with a gigantic 1900 mAh battery.

It is also supported by an inbuilt on/off switch to retain useless battery drain.

Also one of the features is Doubleshot PBT keycaps.

Obinslab also provides this console with a customization software with which you can customize your keyboard Macros and even the backlights.

Bluetooth feature is accessible by different operating systems like Windows and Linux.

Components of Firmware

The firmware has been revamped with numerous new capacities and highlights in the case of this Anne Pro 2.

The console upholds total format re-programming. Love the Anne Pro 2 yet miss the adaptability of utilizing a QMK viable board? Don’t sweat it! All switches on the console can be remapped and retouched to turn out to be any switch you need through ObinsLab Starter. 

Tap key usefulness empowers switches to act diversely when tapped or held. Right move, Fn1, Fn2, and Right control act as bolt keys when tapped. Isn’t this all fascinating?

Console firmware refreshing is done altogether through ObinsLab Starter and is a lot simpler than contrasted with the cycle for the first Anne Pro. Plug the USB link into the board and smash the update button.