Uncovering Anne Pro 2 Brown Switch

Your fingers made you come here surely means either you are a passionate gamer or a profound typer. No matter who you are right now, one thing I can be sure of is; you are a smart selector as you have chosen to read about Anne Pro 2 Brown Switch keyboard. 

Yes! I do understand why you came here despite having millions of other websites to scroll through to get the information you want about the Keyboard that you are about to buy or thinking of it to buy. Anne Pro 2 Brown Switch keyboard, am I right?

You will get all the details about Anne Pro 2 Brown Switch keyboard here. Just keep proceeding.

Essential info you need to have about Anne Pro 2 Brown Switch keyboard

Before digging into Anne Pro 2 Brown Switch keyboard, we have to know a thing or two about Anne Pro 2.


Anne Pro 2 Brown switch keyboard. Here I am saying brown switch keyboard as paraphrasing Gateron brown switch keyboard. It is a mechanical gaming console raised to us by Obinslab. Obinslab is an organization or in general to make commoners like me understand; a company that nowadays is perceived as an excellent creator these days for its exceptional mechanical consoles like Anne Pro.

Am not kidding, after the dispatch of the Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming console, it changed into the best 60% mechanical gaming console popular and has been in demand.

That much I guess should be enough for a smarty like you to get a rough glimpse of the Keyboard.

What is Gateron Brown switches?

Keys precisely are the core of any mechanical keyboard. These mechanical switches we are talking about are designed and created by Gateron and are completely precise. Gateron happened to be the basic mechanical key that gives rise to noticeable improvement over the initial Cherry switches that used to be in a boom in the market.

The essential contrast among Gateron and Cherry switches is, the Gateron switches are a lot of smoother. It brings an entirely different composing and gaming experience and establishing its name as a brand into the Mechanical Keyboard world. The perfection of each Gateron can be best characterized as sliding a hot blade through the spread. 

These Gateron keys which we get are SMD-LED achievable, (+) stem, and retain an evolutionary lifetime of fifty million progressions. The switches were intended to be used for gamers, but casual typers enjoy it as well.

What comes in the box of Anne Pro 2 Brown switch keyboard along with Keyboard?

Before hopping into the box, we will examine the bundling of the Anne Pro 2 Brown switch keyboard. 

The Anne Pro lands up with an extraordinarily level dark box. It involves no images or logos, wholly white content on the top that says “60% ANNE Mechanical Keyboard” and “obins” (the maker of the Keyboard) on the left and right sides. 

The forefront of the Anne Pro 2 Brown switch box 

The packaging was quite reasonable. Then as we dig deeper, Anne Pro console appears in flawless condition. The Cardboard thing supports the top, left, and right perspectives. The support was set inside a small foam pack. The pack gives immaterial comfort to the Keyboard, yet everything fits solidly in the box. No space to slip around! The packaging is central and kind of that usual packaging, but it looks cool. What’s critical is it made a fourteen-day adventure from China to the US, and everything held up fine and awesome. 

Unpacking the console uncovers the comfort, a Micro USB connect, keycap puller (dull), interface tie, and a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle. 

Keycap puller device, Bluetooth USB dongle, and detachable connection are the things we get.

Attributes and Specifications of the Anne Pro 2

The Anne Pro 2 Brown switch is a 60% mechanical comfort in ANSI design with all keys being of standard measurements. 60% of consoles are intended to have a restricted structure characteristic with just 61 full-scale keys. This unique design of the mechanical Keyboard drops the idea of the placement of the Numpad, course pack, and F segment to achieve significantly less impression while up ’til now remaining important using the modifier switches in the Anne Pro 2 console. The small size of the Keyboard makes more room for mouse usage.  

60% structure factor, ANSI design 

In widespread extents, the console happens to be 11.5 inches long (i.e. from left to the right) and 4 inches down (i.e. from front to back). The comfort in this particular Keyboard has a specific edge, which implies it is taller in the back than the front. At its tallest fragment, it remains around 1.65 inches off the work zone. The support itself (without a distinguishable connection) weighed in at 1 pound 4.8 ounces. 

The Anne Pro 2 weighs in at 1 pound 4.8 ounces. 

Thus, likewise with the more significant part of the mechanical consoles, the console works an Fn key. The F section has passed over the ability layer of the number line. Either WASD or IJKL can be used as jolt keys. The RTYU work layer works the changed scenery light settings, and the nav bundle (Page Up/Down, Insert, Delete, etc.) takes up the right half of the board. Collusion and mixing of the support over Bluetooth are developed with Fn + B. 

I’m optimistic, gamers will be relieved to get the fact that Anne Pro is significant in RGB lit up, and this surely works very well with the games. The Keyboard has SMD-LEDs enrolled on the PCB. This implies that each key can push through a tremendous range of colouring alternatives. Not just tinted static LEDs for your keys; you can customize and unleash your creativity as well.

Anne Pro 2 console SMD-LEDs 

This is one of the reasons for the Keyboard to be one of it’s very kind. The bright SMD-LEDs makes this Keyboard look out of the world beautiful. Regardless, it moreover joins a detachable Micro USB connect. The connection is used for charging and wired accessibility when Bluetooth is disabled or blocked off. 

Wired configuration by methods for Micro USB 

The connection interfaces at the upper left 50% of the time. There are no connection channels or various techniques for the connection to the board. The Micro USB interface itself has a status profile with a dim flexible layer. It would appear that a SATA connection is in plan and is apparently of high bore. It measures around 6 feet in length, plenty long enough for most work territory understandings.