Anne Pro Wireless Keyboard In-Depth Analysis

If you are thinking of buying a new and shiny keyboard that will uplift your gaming performance, you are in the right place as we will be discussing one of the very best mechanical gaming keyboards here- the Anne Pro wireless keyboard.

I assure you that after thoroughly reading this article and understanding every point, there won’t be any need for you to go elsewhere to get some more info as this has it all you are looking after.

So without wasting any more time, let’s bump into the topic…

What is Anne Pro Wireless Keyboard?

You can say, Anne Pro is a mechanical gaming keyboard which lies in the 60% mechanical keyboard category. This is one of the most precisely designed keyboards by Obinslab.

I will mention one more thing here; Obinslab is the manufacturer of the Anne Pro Wireless keyboard and many others along with it.

Yes! I am aware that this has to be one of the most exciting keyboards in the world of keyboards as this has it all- looks, performance, RGB lighting, switch variants, and what not! Practically everything which a daddy keyboard must have!

We will surely discuss it; keep filling your mind with this Anne Pro info as you need to have some information before buying the product. That is the point you are reading this.

Now you got what an Anne Pro Wireless keyboard is. So currently, we are going to be investigating the box.

Unearthing the box

Before getting to details inside the box, we will understand the information on the box.

The box comes in a sole dark shade with no logos or pictures; just plain text is written on the top, which says “Obins,” which is its creator. 

After we Unbox the Anne Pro box, we uncover the console, a Micro USB link, a plastic ring keycap puller (dark), a link tie, and a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle. 

The keyboard, that keycap puller thing, Bluetooth USB dongle, and separable link 

Obins incorporated the Bluetooth connector as most of the budget and mostly used PCs don’t have locally available Bluetooth.

One would accept that the QR code is intended to guide clients to either online documentation or programming, but it is not.

We found that we get Bluetooth connectivity features with the keyboard.

So how about learning Bluetooth connectivity?

 Are they learning to pair Bluetooth?

To match the Anne Pro with a gadget, you should initially enter Bluetooth mode on the console and ensure Bluetooth is ON. Bluetooth mode is enabled by pressing Fn + B. The keys Esc, 1, 2, 3, 4, 0, – +, An, and B keys light up after accessing Bluetooth mode. Bluetooth is initiated by tapping the + key and disabled by tapping the – key. 

Bluetooth 4.0 dongle offers remote, which we can also say as wireless help for gadgets without BluetoothNext; if your gadget doesn’t have Bluetooth support, you should embed the included USB Bluetooth dongle into a free USB port. When the dongle is connected, Windows perceived the connector and installed the proper drivers, and a Bluetooth symbol showed up in my taskbar, where I’m presently ready to deal with any discovered Bluetooth gadgets. 

It looked for and found the Anne Pro console, which says, “Ready to pair.” Snap-on the Anne Pro keyboard in the Bluetooth device manager. Presently click the “Pair” button that shows up. An exchange box should spring up that shows a passcode. Type the code into the Anne Pro console. It should now be combined and marked as “Connected.” 

Press Fn + B to exit Bluetooth mode. Your gadget is currently fit to be utilized with the Anne Pro. You can match up to four gadgets on the included profiles and flawlessly switch between them utilizing keys 1-4 while in Bluetooth mode.

Specifications of Anne Pro wireless keyboard.

The Anne PRO highlights a 60% format plan only like the Poker from Vortex, exceptionally intended for the serious fans who favor something much littler than a tenkeyless (TKL) console. 

Some people may ponder, why the hell did the designer even dispose of the helpful Numpad, arrow keys, and the 12 F- keys only for conservativeness and convenience? We’d state it’s an individual inclination. Yet, as indicated by a portion of the serious clients, 60% format permits you to perform your work all the way more proficiently with negligible development, just as some additional work area space in which you will increase in value after some time. 

From the side, we can see that the Anne PRO suspension has a more prominent that gives it a somewhat more extreme point contrasted with most standard plans. 

Other than the generally observed Kailh and Outemu switches, the Gateron switch utilized on the Anne PRO is one of (many) Cherry MX options that are broadly supported by mechanical console networks, with cases of some variation being superior to the first Cherry MX itself. 

Concerning the stabilizers, the Anne PRO is utilizing the Cherry stabilizers, which is simpler to eliminate contrasted with the Costar metal wire stabilizer. 

A 1000mAh Lithium-particle battery in Anne Pro wireless keyboard is installed to the console to gracefully supply enough power for the user activity as long as 3 hours with the LED on, and backup season of as long as 30 hours. 

Should I buy one?

Here comes the answer to the most epic query of yours!

So, should you go for one?

If you are looking for a gaming mechanical keyboard, this keyboard undoubtedly plays its game damn exceptionally. The value it provides compared when compared to pricing is appreciable.

In my opinion, what’s bad about trying? Every best thing you got was because of just one reason you gave it a chance. And I think this one is worth your chance!