The Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard For Mac That One Should Get Hands On Immediately

If you are into more writing, you will surely love a mechanical keyboard and want it. There are plenty of keyboards in the market, but one needs to choose wisely. All the keyboards that claim to be mechanical keyboards are not one. This keyboard is famous and in high demand just for one reason that is its keys. A mechanical keyboard has some especially sound effects, which again vary from keyboard to keyboard and in click sound. There is a spring attached with each key which determines the spring.

Moving on, we shall discuss plenty of features and talk more about a keyboard which is considered to be the best in this field. This article will also have several other points that one must look into before they buy a mechanical keyboard. In our opinion, what we think is the best wireless mechanical keyboard for mac is Annepro2. There are several features and reasons why we have chosen this, and this is what we shall discuss further. Also, this article aims to point out the difference between Annepro 2 and a few of the best products in the market. One must know that he or she will surely be very clear about the best product after he or she reads this one.


What is Mechanical Keyboard? 

A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard that is of very high quality and generally made of switches that are spring-activated ones.  Also, the switches that a mechanical keyboard has to vary according to the keyboard application and according to the user’s preference. These switches provide a very good and satisfying feeling while one is typing. The Greens and the Blues ones provide a click sound, and the Red ones, on the other hand, are silent. These also require a heavy press and are usually opted-in areas where many will use the system.

  Also, few mechanical keyboards have LED lights attached to them and are great to work with when in use. Mechanical keyboards provide a very easy and good feel while you are working in them. These keys do not require great effort if you compare them to the membrane keyboards. Thus a mechanical keyboard is satisfying and good if you are someone who is into too much typing. A mechanical keyboard does not even cause tiredness to the fingers and thus is in great use. In this article further, we will discuss the best wireless mechanical keyboard for mac.

 In a word, if one is using a mechanical keyboard, then he or she can write and use the product very effortlessly without any extra effort. Also, a mechanical keyboard is very classy and sturdy as well. They are mostly preferred and used by gamers and also by people who is a typist. Nowadays, almost all keyboard is a mechanical keyboard, which is in very high demand. The keyboard switches of a mechanical keyboard have a keycap on the top, indicating the use of the key, followed by the stem that remains underneath the keycap. Lastly, housing is the component that is holding everything together. Thus is, and a mechanical keyboard is.

wireless mechanical keyboard for mac
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How did a mechanical keyboard look like? 

What are the specific points that must be there and are important for a mechanical keyboard? Here we shall learn those.

Switches– A mechanical keyboard must have a keycap followed by a stem and then the housing. This feature is a must in a mechanical keyboard.

Lineal or tactile Switches– Most mechanical keyboards are either of the two, and it also seems to work well on both of these. The lineal is such a switch that needs to be pushed down with a force which is, on the other hand, not the case for tactile.

Cherry MX switches– Most of the machines are made of or rather preferred to be of Cherry MX switches. Each of these switches has different types of characters build in them from tactile to force required etc. The most common cherry MX switches are: – cherry green, cherry red, cherry silver, cherry blue, cherry brown, and cherry black each has different types of features and services.

Customization– Every mechanical keyboard must give a facility to customize its keys apart from replacing them.  You can switch from 20 keys to 10 and vice versa. Also, the keyboard must have ergonomic designs as well. Then if there are backlight options, they should also be allowed to change as per wish.

Actuation force- This is the basic force that one needs to apply on the keys while he or she is using it. The current range is 35 grams to 350 grams, and your keyboard should not require very high use. The force needs to be less as this is the specialty of this keyboard.

Lifespan- The minimum keystrokes per hour have to be 8000, and this determines your lifespan and durability.  Thus a good mechanical keyboard can sustain 20-50 million keystrokes at least in its entire life span.

Noise- Usually, many typists and gamers prefer sounds, and this point completely depends on the application you are using. But in general, a mechanical keyboard is quite noisy as compared to a membrane one. 

Actuation Distance- This is the distance the switch will travel to apply the input. A higher actuation is good as it makes you feel heavy.

Tactile- tactile is the feedback that the resistances receive and the sound which is created while typing. A mechanical keyboard is generally more tactile.

Why Anne Pro 2 is the best as a mechanical keyboard? 

One without a doubt can say that Anne Pro 2 is the best wireless mechanical keyboard for mac, and there are so many reasons to support this statement. We shall also be discussing the reasons as to why Anne Pro 2 is the best.

  • The design of this product is comfortable, and the typing angle is also very nice. Your hands will require minimalistic movement, and the positioning of your hand will also be in a comfortable position. Thus the design makes this product so much comfortable.
  • You can connect about four devices with the Bluetooth facility available with this. One can go back and forth also, and the Bluetooth here is pretty descending with 4.0 and USB Type-C. This allows you to use this device from far and is very compatible when it comes to traveling.
  • The firmware of Anne pro two is constantly developing, giving it updating.
  • The keys resent here are full 61 keys with an anti-ghosting facility.
  • 1900mAhbattery is present, which gives about 8 hours to 4 weeks of service depending upon your usages and LED enabling.
  • The device takes a minimum amount of space, thus making it perfect for a small workstation.
  • The software of this device is obinskit which is very simple to use and set up. One of the simplest software that you will come across makes the product one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards for mac.
  • The weight of this product is very light, and as already told, space is also very less than it takes. This makes the product travel-friendly. One can also roam around in the office with this because of a great Bluetooth facility.

Thus these were all the features that make the Anne Pro 2 one of the best mechanical keyboards. Our main reason to make it a part of our best pick is all features that qualify the points a good mechanical keyboard should have.

How Anne pro 2 modify its features from its previous model? 

Now let us know a little bit about the history and evolution of the product we speak of so much. Here we shall explore the best wireless mechanical keyboard for mac  Annepro and learn how it has crossed several stages to be a part of what it is today. 

Anne 2 started the journey with basic switches, and the switches provided very basic services expected from a mechanical keyboard. Then different other switches were inbuilt, and Cherry MX came with all the other features as well. The actuation force and the tactility were not up to the mark but were modified as per the customer’s will. The design of all the products also improved.

Anne 2 also improved their learning process. This keyboard has seen many changes in small bits and bytes and today is what it should be. Today also it changes as per the will and is continuing to improve itself. The quality of the product has improved, and each of the switches today is really strong and sturdy.

How a mechanical keyboard switch works! source

Benefit and drawback of Anne pro two mechanical keyboard

Pros –

  • The Anne Pro 2 will last way too much longer than any other mechanical or membrane keyboard. There are plenty of reviews to support this statement. It cans resist nearly 25 million stokes in its entire lifetime, which is enough to prove how good the product is.
  • The typing speed will increase when you use this product.
  • Very responsive to the keystrokes and takes the input almost immediately.
  • Takes up very little space.
  • Movable product.
  • Strong Bluetooth connection.
  • Sturdy product and best for gaming as well as typing, thus providing tow in one experience.


  • A little high cost when it comes to the membrane keyboard.
  • Slightly heavier than a membrane keyboard also.
  • Also, this keyboard makes product sounds which at times might be annoying.
  • Hard to clean and keep it fresh.
  • Huge variety; hence choosing is tough.

Comparison of Anne pro 2 with competitors

SWITCHESThe switches that AnnePro 2 provides are very strong and sturdy, which are mostly tactile or linear.The switches that are resent here are good, but if someone compares it with the AnnePro, then it is surely weak and cannot sustain hard strikes. The switches present here are really great and very sturdy. They are hard and strong.
TYPES OF SWITCHESIt uses top-quality switches made of Cherry MX that have different type’s features and can be customized according to one’s will.The switch type that this particular product has is of cherry MX but only of brown switches. This reduced the variety and features of switches.This product again is less variable because they only acquire the brown switches of Cherry MX. If compared, Anne pro 2 has so many.
ACTUATION FORCEThe actuation force is very minimal, which allows one to work seamlessly.  One does not have to press hard at all and can work without tiring of their hands.Here the actuation force is very minimal but sometimes varies. The force can be an irritating one.You will require providing minimal force and can work with force while playing or typing. The actuation is a force just perfect as it should be.
ACTUATION DISTANCEThe actuation distance is also very low and is set according to the requirement. It is said that too low actuation distance often does not take input, but this is not the case for Annepro because its distance is just perfect.The actuation distance can be said moderate, which is good to go.Yes, it can be said that the actuation distance is really large and has to be traveled a bit more than Anne 2. Few users enjoy this, but few are annoyed.
TACTILITYThe tactility of the product is just as expected, and the feedbacks are great.  When you press the keys, a sound is audible, and the press is also visible, making it perfect.The feedback of this product is worse as many believe that the feedback does not come properly and thus makes this a little off when it comes to this point.The best part of this keyboard has to be tactility.  Upto the mark and is very precise. When one press, the sound is perfect and great to confirm that your point is noted.
NOISEThe noise is very minimal yet audible, just like few gamers and typewriters want. This is a vital point as the noise often helps you recognize your input, and keeping that in mind, the team has created a perfect noise level.Yes, the noise of this keyboard is too much and can be interesting at times. But yes, as per the reviews, this a little annoying for those who do not want to hear the noise.As mention great and not annoying.
LIFESPANThe product is very durable and is associated with a warranty which increases its life a little more.The durability is great and good. Good has a warranty as well.

Thus we see a few of Annepro 2 competitors and their features. The entire analysis makes us understand that the best wireless mechanical keyboard for mac is  Annepro  2 because of so many great features.

The key decision-making factors of Anne pro two as a mechanical keyboard

Before making any product or device, there are certain points the company needs to focus on. One of the critical points in it is the features or the factors that the product will have, which will make it a unique one.  Here we shall discuss those features that the best wireless mechanical keyboard for mac that is AnnePro 2, has.

The makers were very clear that this has to be one of the best mechanical keyboards and also wireless; hence the features that they tried to inbuilt are:-

  • Making the switches tactile or linear adds up to an extra feature for the keyboard. The keys are one of the most important features; hence the brand tried and made its best. They also have used different types of Cherry MX switches in blue, silver, red, green, and all these switches have different features. This factor makes this keyboard a very versatile and unique one with so many functions inbuilt in it. The team has also kept in mind that one should customize its keyboards and hence have inbuilt this quality as well.
  • The actuation force and the actuation distance are perfect and kept at ease with the working of each user. The force is very minimal when it comes to this keyboard and usually varies between 45-60g. You will not even feel so as it is very light. The distance is also kept on a medium zone so that with a shorter press, you don’t even miss the stroke, and with a very higher press, you don’t even have to take a lot of time.
  • The keyboard is very much tactile with a very minimal sound level, and the brand has very well focused on this feature keeping in mind how few people adore the sound and want the feedback to be click effectively. The durability is really good, and on top of it, the brand also gives a very good amount of warranty period making it more durable.
  • Thus we can see that in making the best wireless mechanical keyboard for mac Anne Pro 2, the company has invested in several features keeping in mind the want of each user. They have kept all their feature and factors very minimal and in a medium space so that everyone can purchase the product.

The Anne 2 is, for a reason, the best wireless mechanical keyboard for mac, and we know why. The glorious revolution that it has witnessed is something to cherish and look forward to. As days pass, we expect it to change a little more, and we also expect that Annepro 2 becomes user-friendly each day. The very high-priced product also does not serve what this product is giving ad that’s the reason for its demand.

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