How to install a keylogger on an Android phone

Keylogger intercepts all content typed on an Android phone/tablet and monitors messages, instant messages, and all phone activities. It collects this information into secret reports and transmits them to your secure network account for later viewing. The Android keylogger is one of SPYERA’s most powerful features. Android keylogger is invisible to everyone except you.

Today, people carry their Android phones wherever they go. Have you ever wished you could monitor your child’s/employee’s Android activities?

The Android keylogger works in the background, completely hidden, and captures every activity on Android. It captures text messages, emails, visited web pages, notes, calendar, iMessage, Instagram, Facebook chats, Skype, Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, PIN, and Viber. SPYERA also captures passwords and passcodes for emails and other applications.

Unlike competitors, SPYERA can capture (incoming/outgoing) IM chat logs, SMS, etc., in two ways simultaneously.

How does the Android keylogger work?
SPYERA is an invisible application that needs to be installed on the target Android. The target phone is the phone you want to monitor. Once installed, SPYERA runs in the background, completely silent, with no icons, application names, notifications, etc.

SPYERA captures their security codes (passcodes), passwords, and all messages (Facebook, Skype, BBM, iMessage, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, PIN, email, SMSā€¦) immediately upon receipt on the phone and encrypts them into hidden files in the phone’s memory instead of periodically transmitting logs to secure network accounts. Even if the user deletes the message, you will receive a copy of the message from SPYERA immediately upon receipt.

You can set the upload interval to every 1 hour to 24 hours. Here are the four basic steps to show how the Android keylogger works:

Install SPYERA – takes 2-3 minutes.
SPYERA captures all logs and saves them in hidden files.
SPYERA uploads hidden files to your personal network account using a discreet automatic internet connection. You can set the upload interval on the web control panel.
Log in to your network account and read all the activities.
What else can SPYERA do?
The Android keylogger is not the only feature of SPYERA. SPYERA has many powerful spy features. You can also track their location, listen to their phone calls, and listen to the phone’s surroundingsā€¦ Click here to go to the features page and check all available features.

What other phones is Run Mobile Keylogger compatible with?
SPYERA is compatible with any iPhone, Android. iPad, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows mobile. Click here to go to the compatibility details page.

Why choose SPYERA?
SPYERA mobile tracking application is the latest and most powerful spy application on the market. Here are SPYERA’s unique features

100% hidden

SPYERA is a hidden application. There is no icon in the application list and no application name.

Cross-platform compatibility

SPYERA can be installed on any compatible phone. If the target user changes their phone model, you do not have to buy again.

Unlimited device replacements

For example, you can track your child for a few weeks, then delete the software and install it on your employee’s phone.

Supports all languages

Is your target phone written in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, or Turkish? No problem. Most competitors cannot capture non-Latin characters. SPYERA can!

User-friendly network account

You can easily navigate between captured logs. You can search and export downloads.

Free updates

You will get them for free if we add any new features!

Remote setting

You can change all settings on your network account remotely with one click. Most competitors use complex SMS commands.

Remote uninstallation

You can uninstall the application remotely without having to access the target phone again. Simply click on your network account to uninstall SPYERA remotely.