All about Anne Pro 2 Software Download

Anne Pro 2 keyboards provide the best value in the market of 60% mechanical keyboards. Obinslab’s all-rounder software is run by Anne Pro 2 software. One can have Anne pro 2 software download or update link from the original website of Obinslab. The act of Anne Pro 2 software downloads leads to a fully programmable keyboard. Another perk of Anne Pro 2 software download is that it provides a wonderfully lubed stabilizer.


Software and Settings:

Anne Pro 2 software is the best supporting software that a keyboard can have. Anne Pro 2 software downloads full customization. All Programmable setup is another perk of having this software. All the customizations show an immediate effect on the keyboard. Anne Pro 2 software sets a standard for keyboards having the customizing option available. 

Anne Pro 2 software download provides an auto-sleep mode. Auto sleep mode is suggested to be used in wireless mode only. To use the right-side cluster as navigation keys, one should keep the tap on. 

Anne Pro 2 software also allows to program any key in layers. If somebody wishes to change the original function of a particular key, he needs to tap on the key he wishes to change, and then he needs to click on the key he wishes to replace with from the right-hand menu. 

Anne Pro 2 software download gives the benefit of saving key maps to the keyboard library. If somebody needs to load various configurations on the keyboard, he might go for the Anne Pro 2 software. 

There are loads of pre-configured backlight settings available on this keyboard. Some auto lighting effects are:

  • Breathing effect
  • Gradual breathing effect
  • Rainbow
  • Starry Sky
  • Comet
  • Colorful
  • Wave
  • Black Hole
  • Vertical Rainbow
  • Fountain
  • Flame
  • Firework

Some trigger lighting effects are,

  • Breathing per key
  • Poptang
  • Breathing
  • Rainbow
  • Ripple
  • Pulse
  • Star Fall

This software also helps to set each key with a different RGB backlight setting. One negative aspect of this software is that it forgets the lighting programs if the power goes off. 

The Anne Pro 2 software has a macro editor, which acts as an audio or video editor. The order and duration of any audio or video can be edited here. The macro editor can also be used as a Windows shortcut to change virtual desktops. Anne Pro 2 software download helps to get an audio-visual backlighting mode. In this mode, the backlight resonates with the rhythm of the volume and the sounds a device is currently playing. 

Use of Command layout:

To set up the right and left command key, one needs to exchange both the command keycaps first. After that, Right Alt can be set as a command key by Anne Pro 2 software. Though 60% of mechanical keyboards lack the right option key, software programming makes it handy. 

Use of Shift key: 

Developers use shift keys very often. Anne Pro 2 software helps to create a lot of functions of cursor navigation. By the proper use of shift keys, one can use FN2, FN1, Right Shift, and Ctrl as navigation keys. This extraordinary “Tap Feature” is supported by Anne Pro 2 software only.  You can check the wireless mechanical keyboard for mac.

Magic FN key Layer:

Anne Pro 2 software download allows users to get an FN layer for customized mapping. Turning on the Caps lock key helps to create the Magic Function layer. 

Anne Pro 2 software supported keyboards are,

1. EPOMAKER Anne Pro2 60% Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

2. ANNE PRO 2, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

3. CORN Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

Anne Pro 2 software is popular because of its variety in programming and functions. It provides a wide range of programming at the lowest price possible. The well-lubed stabilizers, a lot of switch options gives a marvelous typing experience. This software ranks above all of the software available within this price range. 

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Frequently asked questions :

Is there software for the Anne Pro 2?

Yes, of course. In, it is one of the best things about this keyboard. The Anne Pro 2 comes with software named Obinskit, developed by Hexcore. Previously it was named Obinslab. If you want, you can easily download this software from their official website – under the “Tools” section. This software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS(64 bit). The software enables the user control over customization.

Is the Anne Pro 2 better than Ducky?

It comes down to the matter of “value for money”, where Anne Pro 2 offers a much cheaper and better deal than Ducky. With Anne Pro 2, the users get a customizable software interface, a variety of choices for keys, including Gateron and Cherry MX and the keyboard comes with a Type C USB cable as well, along with Bluetooth connectivity. On the other hand, if your preference is durability and design, Ducky takes a slight edge over Anne Pro 2.

How do I connect my Anne Pro 2 to my computer?

Users can use both the wired and wireless features to get the Anne Pro 2 to connect to their computers. For wired connection, Anne Pro 2 provides a TYPE C USB Cable connection. For Bluetooth connection, users have to switch “on” the Bluetooth key at the back of the keyboard and pair it with their desktop/laptop-like regular Bluetooth pairing.

Is the Anne Pro 2 hot-swappable?

Unfortunately, No! This feature is unavailable with this keyboard.

Does the Anne Pro 2 come with keycaps?

Yes, it does. This keyboard comes with a number of coloured PBT quality keycaps, along with a keycap puller, if and when the user wants to swap out keycaps within the frame.