Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% – THE AWAITED REVIEW.

As already penned downed, we are in a situation where we are so dependent on technology that the technical products are in high demand and also the popular topic for discussion. Today we are yet another time here to discuss a work that is very important nowadays. We shall be discussing the Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60%. But before we jump into the features, qualities, characteristics, pros, cons of the product, let’s discuss why Anne Pro is creating such a buzz in the market. We all know that it has been a long time to hear about this product, but this product’s qualities or specialties cause so much commotion.

The main feature of Anne Pro is that it is a very fantastic product at a super affordable price range. Then moving on, the next reason for its popularity is the gorgeous and stunning RGB backlights. At such a pocket pinch, this product even allows customization of the lights. The Anne Pro is small in size, and over it is Bluetooth connectivity. This will enable you to carry to product very comfortably anywhere and everywhere. The connectivity is also super awesome. These were the pretty basic reasons to grab Anne Pro. Now let us discuss Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60%.



This Obinslab product has a 28.4 x 9.7 x 2cm: and weighs 620 grams is a generic model. The hardware is Bluetooth form, and the screen display is of 6.1inches. It has around 12 watts, and the batteries are already included in it. Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% is a wireless type keyboard and has rechargeable batteries. Currently, two colors are available, that is white and black. Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% was one of the first 60% keyboards to add RGB lights and Bluetooth.

 This also uses a type C connector, which is a huge thing. They have got no rest button but have got an on-off switch instead, which a great thing. It has 61 keys. This has compatibility with Windows, MAC, LINUX, IOS, and Android. This gives connectivity of 4 devices, which can be controlled alternatively.


The build-up of Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% is pretty good. The bottom case is made up of ABS case plastic, and the keycaps are made of outer quality PBT plastic. The backside of this keyboard has the type C connection, and the bottom side has the connection switch. The bottom has 4 sliding rubbers that will keep your keyboard stick to the desk.


The design of this keyboard is pretty decent and quite sleek and stylish. You also can change the look according to your wish with the customization of the lights. The Obinslab software will help you create your new look.

The two basic colors that Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% is available in white and black, and both have got a matt finish to it with a pretty decent look. The battery has a very larger capacity.


The Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% comes in an excellent and small package. The keyboard is nicely packed, and bubble wraps and all necessary steps are taken to protect it until you reach it. The box that you will receive is white with red designs on it. Now, what were the items inside the package:-

  1. Keyboard
  2. Manual
  3. 11 pretty beautiful keycaps
  4. 1.8 long YSB type C
  5. Keycaps puller

They have done an excellent job of packaging the protection for your product. Unboxing the product was pretty good.


Like I already have, emotion the keys are made of outer quality PBT plastic. The font on the keys is very clean and properly visible. The extra keycaps that you will get with the keyboard are compatible with any keyboard.

The keys here in Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% have adequate space and a minimal chance of typing the wrong button. The switches under the keys are father brown. The typing with these keys is pretty comfortable and quick. Overall the keys are pretty decent and good.


The gateron brown key will give you an excellent typing experience, if not anything else. I have already bragged about this product feature many times in the past among gamers groups or friends. After quite a long time, I got such a feel for any product, and Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% has fulfilled my most extended wait of such a feel in typing.

Typing here also includes the use of specific keys while playing games. Never have my fingers felt irritated or pained while using this keyboard. I have always enjoyed using this keypad. Unlike many other keyboards, its key is very easy to use, and Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% will never disappoint you on its typing service.


Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% has got RGB LED lights, and in my opinion, all its lights are perfect, and if it can be appropriately tuned, it’s excellent. One slightly bland light, according to my taste, was the white light. These lights can be adjusted accordingly by just using two variety of keys in a straightforward answer. The Obinslab software has done a great job of helping you with the customization of the lights.

The lighting facilities can be adjusted according to your mood lighting facilities can be. It has the quality called breath where you can make the lights change very fast and quickly. Next, we have a rainbow, and here all the colors in a rainbow will occur according to the pattern. Next, we have breath grade where the lights come and flash in a very slow pattern. And last we have non-static that is it can change to any color.


To start with the Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard price 60%, we must say it’s lower than many other products, for example, the Ducky One 2 Mini. The Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% is a wireless keyboard, whereas the Ducky one 2 Mini s not. The build is better for Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% if we go according to the price and Ducky One 2 Mini, I expected a little more.

If we go for a straight price and the services, then definitely Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60% is superior at such a low cost, it provides excellent facilities.

CUSTOMER REVIEW ( Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% )

The general rating of this product, if we go according to the shopping sites, is 4.3/5. People have said that they enjoy the games through this keyboard, and it is smooth. The games have never stopped or glitches when played with. “Great quality keyboard for the price-very solid and reliable” “perfect keyboard all-around” is some of the reviews.

The overall reviews say it all how satisfied its customers are with it. Moreover, if you want to know all the details regarding different parts of it, what are you waiting for? Dive into our article and keep reading it.


MY final words to Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60%will be that this is also a must-buy just like any other Anne Pro keyboard. Few of the amazing facilities that it provides at this price range help it be a must-buy product. The main features of this product are that it is Bluetooth and has great connectivity for long-distance. AT such a price, Bluetooth service is great.

Then comes the customizability of its RGB lights. If you have a certain plan in your mind and buy the keyboard accordingly and then customize the lights according to the keyboard’s color, believe me, it ought to stand in the crowd.

Then comes the beautifully written manual. Very dilute form yet sufficient to understand all you need. Still, if you have ant problem after that, services are just excellent. They will be sent a technician if required, pick up your call at any time, etc.

Hence Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming keyboard 60%is a must for me at this price, and I am impressed by this product. All over, I will like to rate it 4.8 out of five. Looking forward to some new launches for the Anne Pro family. And this product had raised my expectation to another level.