Hey, people, today we are here to review our very favorite, at least my very favorite Anne pro 2 keyboards, and talk about all its functions, description, characteristics, and all. This article will be a long one as it will have everything you are looking for and want to know about Anne pro 2. These days it is needless to say how important laptops, PCs are because they have almost become our life. Hence in this boring, monotonous life, if our working gadgets do not perform well or fail to choose the right tool, it’s really difficult. Therefore selecting the correct tool is essential.

If we start talking about Anne Pro 2 in general before diving deep, say this is a full package of everything you want in a high-tier gaming keyboard. It is more than so if I have to tell. It has high Quality of RGB themes, MACRO settings, customization, and whatnot.

The outlook and the aesthetic features the feel that this Keyboard provides is just something very, very different. You will get very different confidence and feel when you shall carry this with you. Obins, needless to say, have always preferred looks, performance, and definitely to create something very different that can stand out among people.

Without wasting much time, let’s find out why we shall buy this over many other market products. Here in this article, as mentioned earlier, I am willing to cover all the portions that I feel are an essential part of a review, from unboxing to the customer review, features, price, design, performance, and everything. I will also state why Anne Pro 2 at this price range when there are very many options in the market.



Keyboards are a significant part of a computer or laptop, or rather you can say our hands to work on such a platform. Hence it is needless to say how important a laptop is for a computer. Anne Pro 2 is a 60% size Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. Its sleek, thin size is so smartly designed that it will fit in the desk smart saving a lot of space. The connection process is also straightforward and smooth, with just a button click. Anne Pro 2, to be very honest, is beyond something called good. It is not like many other 60% keyboards.

 It has got far more tricks, techniques, and variation when it comes to PBT keycaps. This Keyboard is so excellent and user-friendly that I am running out of my words while writing its review. The appearance of the product of what looks from the outside is very satisfactory.

The only two options available now for Anne pro 2 are white and black, and hands down, the effect and feel the white color keyboard provides is something you cannot turn your face from. I have been getting so many compliments when I bought this Keyboard and started using it on my night game streaming session. The RGB lights are on, and boom, the feel is just out of the world. It’ll take a lot of time for me to shift from this particular Keyboard. I would like to rate Anne Pro 2 outlook all over 4.2/5.


Now, as we are already talking about Anne pro 2 lights and setting, let us continue to talk about the RGB lights. If you are someone who is not at all fond of lights, turn off the lights, but if you are someone who is a fan of these lights, go on buddy, this is your product. You have the opportunity to adjust the lightings according to your mood and wish. Better go for the white one if you are a fan of this category. It will not matter if you are planning to change the keycaps also. Anne Pro 2 has 14 color facilities pre-installed. These 14 light effects are divided into six solid colors, six animated colors, and 2 rainbow effects. Colors can also be adjusted with software available for Anne pro 2. This product is a fab one, and definitely, it can be used anywhere according to the mood because it has so many options available. Let us say I would like to rate the RGB lights of Anne Pro 2 4.7/5.


Although this particular segment entirely depends on person to person but oh holy lord, such a switch at this price could only be accepted from Anne pro 2. So many variations on switches still cannot believe I am reviewing a product in this budget range. Anne Pro 2 is available in Cherry Mc Brown, Cherry MX Red, Cherry Mx blue, Gateron Blue, GAteron Red, Gateron Brown, Khail Box white, Khail Box Brown, Khail Box Red. To top the variations, I must mention that these buddies are nine different switches from 3 other manufacturers, and last but not least, you will get to choose two different keyboard shades. 

Holy lord, could we want anything more? I just cannot keep on bragging about this product anymore. What say shall I keep the title lets brag Anne Pro 2? Let us talk about the article’s title later and say that at least my work from home and at nights the gaming sessions have been remarkable only because of this busy boy. Although I had a fair enough experience here, let us say the ratings shall go this way 4.4/5. I am moving on to Keycaps.


A unique feature of Anne pro 2 is that it comes with a thick volume of double PBT keycaps. In contrast, most other keycaps at this price range are plastic-based ABS material, which from the term plastic only suggests that it is significantly less durable. Again my keyboard user friends know that the PBT based keycaps are hard as it is made up of very high quality, premium material. Anne Pro 2 has PBT material and a double shot, which is that the key cap has double plastic covered over it. This double safety provides our Anne Pro 2 keycaps to last longer than any other product at this range.

Now, if we talk about the feel of the keycaps, then please let me know guys. How shall I describe them? Such is its feel than it’s beyond explanation. Premium feeling the Anne pro 2 keycaps provide. Soft silky to touch, and not at all a pain to your fingers. I always find reasons to use the Anne pro2 keyboard so that I get an opportunity to use the keycaps. Hence hopefully, you will get how good this product is. I have enough said about this feature of Anne Pro 2 so now let us just rate the quality. Well, fore, it is 4.7/5.


If we talk about this particular Keyboard’s overall build-up, just one word is enough that is “superb.” Anne Pro 2 has a painted steel back, so it is very little chance of the chassis to flex if twisted. The case has a setup of a very very stiff quality build-up of plastic. This is a useful feature of Anne pro 2 as compared to any other products of this range. There are also about four nonadjustable rubber feet at the bottom of the Anne pro 2 keyboard, which is ok for me. This feature is found in any other keyboard and thus does not add anything extra to Anne Pro 2. The ratings here shall go this way 4.6/5.

Anne Pro 2 FEATURE

Some very unique features of Anne Pro 2 for me is there’s an on-off button on this Keyboard, and also it has got a quick tap arrow feature, which is commendable at this price. This is one feature that I am really in love with and have already used several times. You simply need to press the right shift, Fn, menu, or right control key, and that’s it. I cannot even imagine a 60% keyboard giving me this amazing facility at this price range.

Feature number two and probably one of the most crucial features is that Anne Pro 2 is wireless. Yes, you heard me right. Its wireless hat means it has Bluetooth. But the alternative form can also be done when connecting with USB-C cable. This will again charge when it is connected with the USB. The bombing feature is that Anne pro 2 can be connected with up to four devices at one time. Anne Pro 2 can be swapped as well. You just need to click the FN2 button along with the 1-4 key. The Bluetooth feature allows you to start the party at the house. It is no less than a maddening feature in the room.

Yes, it may happen you do not need Bluetooth or are not interested in it, but there are many other worth mentioning features, my friend. Anne Pro 2 has so many points that will, in one way, others satisfy. Anne Pro 2 is so easy to carry. Its sturdy design and a robust keyboard are effortless to carry everywhere and very much user friendly. Some very random features of Anne Pro 2 are it takes a lot less space than many other products and has one wireless wire.

Ok, fine, I’ll stop bragging about Anne pro 2, but what to do with this product is only so good. The Obins lab had provided a red USB-C cable, and it also has got an extra colorful PBT keycap. Anne Pro 2 also has a wire keycap puller. The cool feature of Anne pro 2 is that you can mix and match the Keyboard and can make it your Keyboard. The feature that set Anne Pro 2 an exceptional buy is its feature of Bluetooth 4.0. Well, I am rating all the features in an average manner and not individually, so the rates here will go around 4.8/5.


It’s a crucial part of any electronic gadget. Hence now, let’s discuss Anne Pro 2’s packaging. The Anne Pro 2 came to me in a sleek, nice white box with a red font very well matched with its interior designs. The unboxing for me was ok and nothing to hype about. Now, what shall you even be excited about? Now what’s important is the supplies that came with it. Now I am listing all the accessories I got in the box:

  1. Keycap Puller
  2. Anne Pro 2 – USB-C, Bluetooth 4.0 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  3. USB_C Cable
  4. Set of 11 PCS blank keycaps

 These items were pretty basic and expected in an Anne Pro 2 box. But the important point to mention is the extra keycaps that at any point in time shortly will be helpful. Again to mention the keycap puller will not be something extraordinary. The USB-c has a great touch and has a very high standard of charging. Overall I had a good experience in this field of packing. Anne Pro 2 had an excellent decent packing and nothing as such exceptional. I would like to rate Anne Pro 2 packaging 3.2/5.


This is the favorite part of Anne pro2. It is such a sizzling design. It has got some great backlight, and the RGB is just out of this world. The customization feature is just very good at this price range, and you can fix it according to your will. The Obinskit software makes your Keyboard look different each time you add up the extra spice to it. Needless to mention that Anne Pro 2 is just above expectations, and the design and the overall look is my favorite to date for any keyboard.

For me, the design is classy, and I am pleased about this buy of mine. I’ll like to rate it 3.9/5 in this field.


After playing plenty of games for over a month now, I must say it’s just a perfect buy for me. The keys are perfect, the keycaps are just something different and give a high-quality feel when it comes to playing games like PUBG, Call of duty, counter-Strike, etc. no harshness or finger irritation or to say discomfort this Keyboard has given me while I have used it. Was it right for me, or how good for it was, are the questions I’ll come to come to a little later? Now let us discuss how it performed in my official work at the office.

Office workers are generally working requiring a high-speed typing, and I felt Anne pro 2 was an outstanding performer here. I almost worked an entire week with this Keyboard, and the workload was also heavy for the week, but this Keyboard made me feel light. It is less space consumption that has served to be an additional high point for me at the office.

A little problem I felt this Keyboard has after using for some time is that I started feeling that the Bluetooth was a little slower than the USB-C, but not to worry friends, it will harm not interrupt your gaming. But to be on the safe side, you can use the USB-C to keep yourself away from lagging.

Otherwise, Anne Pro2 is just a perfect Keyboard at such a reasonable price. The looks can compliment you and can grab much attention from you. Well, here I would like to rate Anne Pro 2 4/5.


Some points and few items just cannot be overlooked, and this same thing goes for Anne pro 2. This, without any doubt, can be included in the best affordable keyboards at this point. The few extra moments I wish to mention are:-

  • Aesthetically beautiful and out of the world.
  • Lightweights with an overall weight of 635g. Extremely light and quite efficient to carry.
  • The keys are an amazing thing that Anne Pro2 has in it. The customizable thee using the software is a definite mention here.
  • MACRO setting facilities available with the Anne Pro 2 keyboard, which will help advance level users.
  • It has got a large 1500 mAh battery.
  • The multiple lighting modes are just so good, and I am in love with the feature of Anne Pro 2.
  • Various gaming modes available. A very plus point for our gamers out there.

So these were some of the characteristics that I thought were good to highlight in the article.


The advantages or pros of using Anne Pro 2 are that it has Bluetooth or cable support with the right amount of battery. The keys have a dual function, which will help you in a great way. And one of the best features of this Keyboard is that it takes so much less space than wherever you are or whatever state this will be super beneficial for you when it comes to space-consuming. When using Anne Pro 2, you will get a full backlight key mapping, and this is such a cool feature, at least for me, if you ask.

Hence these few bright sides of Anne Pro 2 make it worth a buy and is the reason for my priority over many other products.


Well, every good thing also comes with a minimum amount of flaw, and so goes for this one as well. A few features or points which I felt could be a little better in Anne Pro 2 are, first and foremost, its connectivity via Bluetooth. One of the main features is the presence of Bluetooth right; hence such off connectivity with these parts gives a little negative impact. Well, I am not saying that the connection is extremely poor as it is not the case, but it’s a bit off, which is a bit concerning.

The next point is that the customization of every key takes way too long. But then again, any changes are your wish to bring or not, and in the way you want to change, this point may seem invalid for few but let us keep it also.


When it comes to Anne Pro 2 software, I know it originally came from Obins software for the Windows phone devices. With ObinsLab Starter, the entire interface process has been made significantly easier and accessible to set the Anne Pro 2 Keyboard up. The software has many additional features which has made your life much easier in one way. It has been a game-changer for all Anne Pro 2 users.

Now the question is how to use this amazing software. The first thing is to download the software if not pre-installed. Then once it’s installed, you can do a firmware update if it’s not done. This can be done under the firmware option. There is a setting option from where you can change the theme, language, about, etc. The setting also has a help option for any help you need. The general system has a bunch of information about your Keyboard like its name, battery life, the run time of your Keyboard, etc. The available tab settings have a layout where you can make changes and tap to change keys. Magic Fn keys are beneficial for games; hence you can use them accordingly, as mentioned below. One by one, all the options are available, and you can make the changes, therefore. You can next move on to the layout key where you can set different features for each key. There are different setups available which you can explore.


As we already know that the lights that this product has are RGB lights, and the variety is also really great and good. But some things I felt are not correct or could be better is their white color light, which in my opinion, was a little faded as the white light present for other products. Lights can be changed or rather altered by just using two varieties of keys and are quick. The available software makes the lighting facility better than others.

The lighting quality is what you will get attracted to. There is a good variety of lights that you can use according to the mood. Let us find out what are the lights that Anne Pro 2 has. First and foremost, it has the quality called breath where you can make the lights change very fast and quickly. Next, we have a rainbow, and here all the colors in a rainbow will occur according to the pattern. Next, we have breath grade where the lights come and flash in a very slow pattern. And lastly we are non-static that it can change to any color.

Well, these were the types of lights our Anne PRO 2 has, and in my opinion, I will like to rate this a 4.4/5. I have enjoyed myself with these sightings, especially while streaming a game. These will make you and the Keyboard stand out in the crowd.


Finally, now comes the awaited point, I suppose. I have to tell you a few points regarding this point. First and Foremost, the price range of Anne Pro 2 is $90 to about $110. To begin with, why I have kept such a vast range. The only answer to my question is that I have seen so many variations in the price range during the last six months once I have kept a huge gap.

The reason for such variation is because of the current situation when people are getting bored, and they do want to grab a product whenever it is available. It is sometimes on the higher side because it is positively a demanded product currently. The market prices vary from website to website, then according to demand and depending upon the color you want to buy. 

To be honest, it’s worth a buy at this price range and during this point of the tie. Pretty much more than a decent product Anne Pro 2 is. A green signal from my side to grab the product. Do a little bit of research and have a tour around websites, and you will get a good deal out at a price.


Comparing Anne Pro 2 and any other keyboard at this range will be useless, but pointing out specific differences is essential. Otherwise, my readers won’t understand why I want them to buy this product above any other. Ill very efficiently in a very compact manner tries to compare two of the leading keyboards at this price: Anne Pro 2 Vs. Ducky One 2 Mini version both Anne Pro 2 and Ducky One 2 Mini are of the same version that is 0.8, and in this matter, no comparison is generally required. There’s 

  • Nothing more to say in this regard, and both have started the race with equal points.
  • Overview- Moving on next, we shall go and see the general outline of both the products. No doubt, both of them are great mechanical products. But the main difference between the two is that the Anne Pro 2 can be used both as a wireless keyboard and as a wired keyboard, but when it comes to Ducky One 2 Mini, it only has the facility of being wired. Both of them are well built up and have a compact 60% keyboard. According to me, the feel of typing was perfect in our Anne Pro 2 using Gateron browns than Cherry MX Brown keys on the Ducky One 2 Mini. The last part of this overview is that our Anne Pro 2 has well-developed software for its keys, while the Ducky One 2 Mini can be changed or customized using different keys itself. Here was the overview of both the products and well, in my opinion, Anne Pro 2 is a little bit ahead of Ducky One 2 Mini. Let us see what is kept for us ahead. 
  • Price- Well, well, comparing any two products, and this point is not mentioned well, that does not happen here. This is the base of any comparison and one of the most important parts. So without further wasting time, let’s see what the price of both the products is. The black version of both stands as Anne Pro 2- $109 Ducky One 2 Mini – $119. And the white color of both the products stands as Anne Pro 2-$109, and at last white color of the Ducky 
  • One 2 Mini- $119.Visible the difference between both the prices and now I think it is a bit clearer as to why I have chosen Anne Pro 2 over Ducky One 2 Mini.
  • Using variations- Now, we will move to a few other points like its usage and how it works. Well, Anne Pro 2 has a wireless facility, whereas Ducky One 2 Mini has the only wired facility. Anne Pro 2 hence has the Bluetooth option available, but ducky One 2 Mini does not have so. Anne Pro 2 can be connected to up to 4 devices, but I can adjust to both the typing or let us say I was in love with the Anne Pro 2 typing feeling more than the Ducky One 2 Mini if we think of the price. At such a price, I am quite happy with the typing feel than Anne pro2 gives. Lastly, the software of both Anne Pro 2 and Ducky One 2Mini, like without question, hands down Anne Pro 2 as the reasons are so many, significantly well-developed software and helpful also.
  • Design- Well, Anne Pro 2 has a height of 1.7 that is 4.2cm, and the Ducky One 2 Mini has a height of 1.5 that is 3.8 cm. The width for Anne Pro 2 stands as 11.5, which turns to 29.2 cm, and for Ducky One 2 Mini its 12.4 then is again 31.5cm. Our former product’s depth is 4.0, which is 10.2cm, and the depth for our latter product is 4.2, which is 10.7 cm. Last, the weight for both the products was 0.6kg.
  • Backlighting- Well, in this case, both the products were more or less the same with both having excellent brightness, having RGB facility, and individually backlit key was also present for them both. Hence equal facility provided here for both. But I did expect a little more from Ducky One 2 Mini than the price that it charges for the product.
  • Build Upwell said that both the products were pretty the same, and I could not find any difference, but again I did expect a little bit more from The Ducky One 2 Mini compared to its price.
  • Cable and Wireless versatility- well, the cable for Anne Pro 2 was of length 5.9ft, and for the Ducky One 2, Mini was 5.2ft. The connector for Anne Pro 2 was USB-C type, and for Ducky One 2 Mini, it was gain USB-C type. It is very clear from the discussion that only Anne Pro 2 has the wireless feature and not the Ducky One 2 Mini.

Software and operating system- The software that Anne PRO2 uses is obinskit, and Ducky One 2 Mini uses no software. Both the devices have their onboard memory, but cloud sync for both of them is absent. The backlight is available for both the tools and macro programming too. Anne Pro 2 is both Windows and macOS compatible but Ducky One 2 Mini does not have any of the one facility also.

Well, with this, we come to an end to the comparison part. From the overhead view, we can see that both Anne Pro 2 and Ducky One 2 Mini are almost the same, but one fact that I did not like is that Ducky one 2 Mini is of higher price hence naturally, the expectation from it is more, but it was not up to the mark. Whereas For Anne Pro 2, the show-stealing feature is its Bluetooth facility. At this price, such beautiful software and Bluetooth is just commendable.


One of the essential things that one wants to know when buying a keyboard is how well it will provide the typing facility. Anne Pro 2, as we discussed, is one of the best keyboards one can grab at this price range. I just loved how good it has provided me with the typing experience. The keys that are present in Anne Pro 2 are gateron brown keys. The feel is tactile and, in my opinion, is relatively smooth and does not bother you while you are working. It will encourage you to work rather than feeling bored.

 For the first time I touched the keyboard, the keys were impressive, and while I have streamed any of the games, the typing has been satisfying. The typing’s real force is 38.7gf, and the travel is 2.41mm, which is impressive. The noise is quiet, which we will discuss further in our next point. For me, it is an excellent product, and the typing has given me quite a satisfaction.

I can say that one of the best typing facilities that any of the keyboards at this price has provided me. The game streaming has also turned out to be smooth. The not only game, but my office works have also been running smoothly, and all my colleagues have immensely liked it. I’ll like to rate the typing of Anne Pro 2 a 4.8/5 experience. Down below, I have attached the feel graph.


This, I know, is one of the most important features for many. There are both types of people available, some absolutely in love with the sound that the Keyboard will produce and those who almost hate it. For me, the case is that I also belong to the category who likes the noise that a keyboard will give. It is silent, then how will you get it that it’s a keyboard. However, fond I am of these sounds, I still prefer something that is a bit in the middle. Anne Pro 2 is just a perfect combination of what I want. I am both a gamer and an office goer; hence, a middle portion is only preferable for me.

While playing, the sound is perfect for me, and while in office typing, it becomes comparatively more quiet, silent, and low. Very sophisticated, it sounds sometimes has a subtle nature with a little bit of loudness.

It is an outstanding feature of the Anne Pro 2 keyboard not that loud but also. A perfect combination. Well, here i’ll like to rate this product 4.8/5. I enjoy its sounds just awesomely.


Here I will like to mention a few places from where I generally prefer buying my products. The trustworthy sites and have excellent product variation. Well, I feel electronic products should not be purchased from anywhere. It should be bought from a very reliable place. The below links that I am about to give have a reasonable price with almost always free home delivery and other support services after the product reaches home. Exchange facilities are also available here. I have placed the websites according to my preference. These sites have reviews from customers even and their suggestions. This feature is beneficial for electronics to read some positive comments or any negative aspects if it has or if the website has before buying from it.

I tend to prefer and buy online because many facilities these websites provide that the local shops do not avail of.

  • ANNE PRO 2

Amazon is famous for electronics, whereas when it comes to Banggood, it is excellent as I have bought several products from their website, and their support is also really great. After that, product delivery support is just commendable, and I like it. Finally, the last Anne pro buying a product from their website can never be a wrong choice, just the only disadvantage that sometimes takes place is that they can remove the negative comments. Reading the comments before buying a product is crucial because not only do we get information about the product, but the site response after selling their work can also be read.


This product is an absolute user-friendly product. Its customizable lights will go with your every mood as well with your every look. Sometimes I get it that some formal get up or look necessary when you are in the office, which is an absolute yes to it. The colors of its lighting, keycaps can be adjusted at any point in time. It is a significantly developed software that gives you many additional facilities. You will never get tired while you are on this. It is very relaxing. Sometimes the keys hurt after long use, but this is not the case for this one.

Yes, you may say that some LED lights hurt the eye and cause irritation to the eyes but no yet again, here the case is not so. Your eyes will not hurt even if you are in a dark room. You can enjoy your bit of the atmosphere while you are straight. At this price range, this product is a must buy. A user-friendly product. It has many additional features in it and will make your day to day life very easy. This product is two times less than many works of its competitive products and has provided you with so many facilities. Very user-friendly product and I am saying so again and again because of only one reason: its high tendency to adjust according to its users.


I have bragged about this product enough, but here we will see the real-time customer reviews about Anne PRO 2 and the ratings they have given to different product criteria. All over Anne Pro 2 has received a 4/5, and as per value for money, it has got a 4.3/5. Next, if we move on to sheerness there, I see it has a marking of 4.2/5. For gaming use, Anne PRO 2 has a 4.6/5, brightness 4.4/5, and lastly, for sturdiness, a 4/5. I’ll like to quote a few of the sayings by the certified buyer and a few of my dear friends. “Pros of the product as per me is the value for money, looks, RGB lighting, Bluetooth, build quality, and lightweight. But the typing could have been a little better and the connectivity other a good buy.” “I sat with the product late at night to stream and thought that after fifteen minutes of streaming, I would switch off but oh god, who knew that this product would give such a push and backlight. This was my first buy from the Anne Pro family, and I am looking forward to buying other products. Such smoothness and so sensitive that it is a good buy at this range price is Bluetooth. I went on streaming for four hours straight.”

Hence, it’s pretty clear from these reviews how excellent this product is, and will surely not regret buying it. All features are so up to the mark that it has provided a tremendous and tough competition to many other products with a very high price range. Few customers have also reviewed its durability after six months. Every review I have quoted is available on different sites so you can go and check them.


When we speak the comfort level of a keyboard, we need to focus n a few aspects they are that is it irritating to your eyes due to the lights, then come how were you typing experience or if you are a gamer then how fast the keys worked for you, next comes space that your device takes. Well, today also we will discuss these points only. This product does not provide a bit of irritation to your eyes, just so much commendable, be it any color you are using as a light. I have used both dark and light colors for streaming, and nearly continuous four to five hours of the streaming still makes no difference. Then comes carrying and space to it. I must say so light the product is that you will not only feel anything you are moving to. I have carried this product several times here and there, but comfortable and with the amount of space it consumes, it is just needless to mention how comfortable it is to carry Anne Pro2 everywhere.

The typing experience for me was good enough I have already mentioned, with no harsh feeling or irritation on the fingers, relatively smooth and seamless. The keys are pretty fast and do not disturb your game when you are streaming; hence, you are great while also playing. Great and comfortable, this product was as per me.



Firstly we will have to know how to set the product. To connect over, we have to turn off the Bluetooth switch on the back of the Keyboard and finally connect the computer USB. Connect over the Bluetooth switch on the back, and they operate the steps. How to operate the setup shall be discussed below.

Now let us know how we can set the Keyboard up. There is a battery indicator for battery, and you can also check the running time statistics here. Then there is the default layout system. You can disable the and enable the layout just by tapping on it. To set up the magic fn, you will need to tap onFn1 and Fn2, respectively. 

 Now how to do a Macro setting. To set the macro group, you need to tap on icon + to add macro group, and then when you tap on the macro group, it will either delete/rename/copy and double click on macro type rename. To avail the macro key, you will first click on any keycap to paste or add, then tap on the macro keycap to select macro next. If you right-click on macro, then it will get deleted/copy/paste.

Finally, light setup. For this, you need to tap on + and light group, then tap on custom light to delete/rename /copy, and if you right-click on the default light, then it will either copy/rename. To get a light list, click on the light effect to rename/copy/delete, and then click on a blank space to paste the light. For static light, tap single/multiple keycaps, add a color from the color palette and tap on a space.


Firstly, you need to turn on the Bluetooth broadcast; that is, we need to connect the Anne Pro 2 to its new host, be it a computer, PC, Mobile, etc. To do this, we need to turn on the Bluetooth system. To turn on the Bluetooth broadcast, we need to press FN 2=1,2,3,4, respectively, for five seconds each and turn on the Bluetooth broadcast on the respective positions.

As this is done, we will now turn on the host bargain press FN2+1,2,3,4, respectively, to save the host’s position. That is how you connect your Anne Pro 2 with Bluetooth.


Apply this key combination POWER+SHIFT (LEFT)+CTRL+OPTION. When you see the light appear, it means the SMC has been reset; all you need to do is release all the keys and start the PC.


As we are here for the very last portion of our article and review, I would like to place some of my last opinions about Anne Pro 2. IN a word, this Keyboard will stand out among all the keyboards out there that are 60% mechanical. It has got some great reasons to be one of the best among all, and the features are its well-developed software, the quick tap option that it has incredible build-up that it has got, and the new and unique Bluetooth feature that can connect up to four devices. Lastly, Obins labs have given you nearly no one different key switches and two other color cases. So many features are available that if this does not stand among the crowd, then a=what does.

The typing experience with the gateron brown keys is so unique that I need to stop bragging about the product. Obins Labs is a great software provided in general, making Anne PRO 2 a complete package.

My final words for Anne Pro 2 are that nothing can compete for this product at this price, a must by-product product at a fantastic price range. Every feature that this has well and needs to be appreciated. 

I am looking forward to using this product for at least two to three years. Anne Pro’s family has taken at least my expectations to another level with so much of goodness. I am finally concluding the article to bring in many more reviews to you guys and try out many more new products.