The gaming mouse Hunter Pursuit excels in competitive speed, galloping on the battlefield.

Craggy and continuous, the endless snowy mountains
Lush vegetation, or entering intricate mountain forests
Vast and boundless, preparing for armored future terrains, freely galloping on the grasslands
The river stretches into the sunset, the desolate desert…
The protagonists contemplate deeply, chasing each other, engaging in life-and-death duels…

Colorful Hunter Equipped with Super Heavyweight Arsenal

Primarily equipped with the flagship gaming chip PAW3335

Emphasizing low power consumption, high performance, with frame rate adaptively adjustable

While ensuring long battery life

It provides faster and more accurate tracking capabilities

Meeting the demands of high-performance gamers

Roam the wilderness with a hardcore setup.

A robust character ignites with talent and attitude, unleashing fierce agility.

With full-bodied and lively design aesthetics, it exudes wild energy.

Resembling a beetle, it offers a grip that fits the palm perfectly.

Designed specifically for Asian users with small to medium hands.

Provides long-lasting comfort, suitable for various grip styles.

Convenient interchangeable magnetic back cover

Part of it is solid, while the other part is ventilated

Ensures prolonged usage with high breathability

Strong competitive atmosphere

The Hunter is full of fighting spirit, making it inevitable to gallop on the prairie

The road to dominating esports

Is a new explorer seeking innovation in the hunting field

It’s also a unique and vibrant culture and experience

Macro programming with combo settings and six custom function keys

Comes with popular game macros, no need for cumbersome setup

Powerful macro function allows for combo skills to be released with one key press, easily coping with situations

Wheel, TTC silver wheel encoder, improves combat efficiency by 25%.

The innovative wheel can output 30 signal feedbacks in one rotation.

Currently, with conventional encoders, the wheel can only trigger 24 action feedbacks per rotation.

The DELUX Colorful M820 Hunter is faster, more reliable, more efficient, and more suitable for switching weapons in games.

Committed to providing exciting and decisive equipment, endowing fun with ultimate technological power.

In terms of ultra-high configuration, the key lifespan is an important consideration point for players’ continuous output. The Razer Black Mamba boasts an 80 million keystroke mechanical lifespan, with a 0.3mm trigger distance, 65gf operating force, precise triggering without attack delays. It meets the needs of players pursuing a crisp hand feel for rapid keystrokes. The clicks are sharp and decisive, giving the Hunter the upper hand.

Triple-mode connectivity

Choose the soft cable, fearless of linear constraints

Smooth movement, no sense of blockage

Clean and neat operation, free control

2.4G, plug and play, Bluetooth connection, smooth movement

Stable and continuous signal boosts the combat power of the Hunter

Super cool lighting effects, flowing shadows, 16.8 million colors

Night battles can also release wireless excitement

Colorful rainbow, pleasing to the eye in your hands

Recharge the energy for the hunt