An Unbiased Review of Highly Customizable Anne Pro 2 Software

The Anne Pro 2 keyboard offers the best value in the world of mechanical keyboards. Obnislab’s this 60% mechanical keyboard run by Anne Pro 2 Software. This keyboard offers a beautiful typing experience for a reasonable price. The best feature of this keyboard is probably the fully programmable Anne Pro 2 software. 

The perk of having Anne Pro 2 software for a keyboard is that the stabilizers feel good and lubed. The switch options also fit almost every gamer’s needs. Some other standout feature of Anne Pro 2 software is that it allows customizable RGB lighting and wide variety in switch options. 

The three types of Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard are,

1. EPOMAKER Anne Pro2 60% Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

2. ANNE PRO 2, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

3. CORN Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 



  • Dual Connectivity mode is a remarkable feature of this software. Both Bluetooth 4.0 and Type-C USB connection works perfectly.
  • Anne Pro 2 software is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including iOS, Mac, Windows 200/7/8/10, Nintendo and Android. 
  • The double FN key (FN1/FN2) in Anne Pro 2 software creates a more favourable state to set the layer function. 
  • Another remarkable feature of this software is “Tap Key” and “Magic FN” function. 
  • Tap Function: “Right Shift”, “FN2”, “FN1”, “Right Ctrl” combines the Tap key. You can set tap layer function in your desired manner. After clicking the tap key, it will switch to this layer function. Otherwise, they act as arrow keys just like their default function. 
  • Magic FN Function: While retaining the original function of the Caps Lock, the magic key can copy FN2 or FN1 key function that that gives instant access to media. You can create the function row for FN2 or FN1 anytime to program any desired key or set a macro for key sets. 
  • Anne Pro 2 software-enabled keyboards come with long endurance time containing 1900mAh battery capacity. The built-in circuit protection prevents any harm to the battery.
  • The double shot PBT keycaps are durable and easy to shine.
  • Each key is independently RGB backlight.
  • This keyboard supports NKRO in Wired mode.

Technical Details and Specialities

Brand: Obinslab

Model: Anne Pro 2

Size: 60%

Switch Stems: MX

Frame Top Material:  Plastic 

Bottom Material of Frame: Plastic

Primary LED Colour: RGB

LED Colour of Control:  RGB

 Key Rollover of USB: Full

Multimedia Key Option: Yes

Weight:                      1.40 lbs

Cord Length: 70 inches

Key:          60 keys

Cable:                 USB Type-C

Switch options: Gateron, Kailh Box and Cherry Options

Keycap material: PBT

Keycap legends: Double shot

Keycap Profile: OEM Profile

Media keys: In the FN layer, reprogrammable

Software: Obinslab software

How to use Anne Pro 2 Software?

At first, download the software from the website of Obinslab. Then check for a firmware update. Do upgrade to the latest firmware version. Now you can change the theme, lighting, and start programming from the settings menu.

A Few Tips and Tricks to Use 

  • Download the companion software and upgrade to the latest firmware version. Make sure that you download the latest update which allows better keyboard function and Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Make sure that you do not unplug it at the time of firmware updating. It will risk causing havoc damage.
  • The keyboard is compatible with one connectivity mode at a time. If you are in USB mode, that means if you have plugged in the keyboard, the Bluetooth connectivity is not going to work at that time. On the other hand, if you are in Bluetooth mode, the wired mode is not going to work. This feature works as a safety measure so that the keyboard does not get frozen while working on dual connecting mode. 
  • If you have got yourself the Anne Pro 2 with a magnetic USB cable, remember that the magnetic head has the polarity due to its built-in design. To make it work properly, ensure that the LED on the magnetic cable is facing the upper side. In case it faces the downwards, it would not work.
  • When you start using the keyboard, keep in mind that it might take a few charge and discharge cycles before the battery notifier starts giving the proper battery level reading. 
  • While connecting over Bluetooth, make sure that you have followed the precisely the same instructions that are there in the user manual. Following the steps, serially is very important to establish a connection. The instruction regarding pressing the buttons for at least 5 seconds is another crucial instruction. If you have tried connecting the keyboard with your device over Bluetooth and if it shows timing out before connecting, make that device forget that Bluetooth connection and then try again following the correct order as stated in the user manual. 
  • If you are having any issues while connecting over Bluetooth again, try opening the companion app and click on the “Reset Bluetooth” button on the home tab. This might help to solve your issues. 
  • If you are still experiencing issues regarding Bluetooth connectivity then, probably you are not running an updated firmware version. Try to update the latest firmware version for a stable Bluetooth connection. 

Software and Settings

The Anne Pro 2 software is probably the best accompanying software that any keyboard can have. It allows a varied range of extensive and individual customization options. The custom-made changes reflect quickly onto the keyboard. Anne Pro 2 sets an example of how much customization can be done on a budget keyboard. 

In case you have different configurations to load on, the obinskit software also allows you to save them to a library. The lighting option let you select a configuration from an extensive list of pre-configured lighting modes. 


  1. The Best Customization ranges
  2. Factory lubed stabilizers
  3. Wide range of switch options
  4. Bluetooth connectivity allows up to 4 devices
  5. Design is sleek, and the structural quality is good
  6. Extra PBT caps and keycap puller


  1. Backlight settings are set to default after a power down
  2. USB cable is one-sided
  3. Wireless connection can be unreliable sometimes
  4. RGB lighting can be inconsistent sometimes
  5. Bluetooth mode does not support windows 7 


Anne Pro 2 software is quite a popular one with good reason. This software also offers a lot of functionality for a reasonable price. It is delighting in having an excellent set of switch options. Obinslab has put a lot of effort into making such a right 60% keyboard. If you are looking for an ultimate typing experience, dual connectivity mode at a reasonable price, go for Anne Pro 2. 

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