Hello friends and here we are back with another article with one of the most popular topics of the market. Today we are here to discuss the Anne Pro 2 lighting and review an actual product. But before it let’s know what keyboard lighting is and why it is has become an essential part of our day to day life. Any festival, occasion, the right moment cannot be complete with proper decoration. And yes that’s what keyboard lights do for us. It enhances the beauty of our product and makes it a lot more attractive. In the market today, we have so many lighting options available that it’s highly challenging to select one. But today we are going to review an exciting product that is Anne pro two lighting effect. 


Although this keyboard that is Anne pro two lighting effects has a great variety of RGB lights yet some of the lights like its white colour are light and fade. But its competitive products do have an excellent quality of the white as compared to Anne pro 2 lighting effects. But considering its pocket pinch, I think it’s quite good at this range. It has a great variety of light range also and can be altered very quickly, just using two keys. You can also access the software, which tends to be better and has a lot more customization. In my opinion, I would like to rate its RGB setting 4/5.


As earlier said, this product has a great variety of light facility, and this quality of the work makes it far more interesting. Let’s see what the lights that ANNE PRO 2 has are:-

  • NON/STATIC- This feature means that it can change to any colour.
  • BREATH GRADE- Here, Anne pro 2 lighting effects is just the opposite of breath. Here it changes colour slow.
  • RAINBOW- As the name suggests, it has multiple colours setting here. With the keyboard giving a rainbow look all over.


The price of this product on the home website of ANNE PRO is $97. It generally comes in the range between $93 to $ 100. This price range generally depends on a few factors like the website you are purchasing it from, the market demand, the version etc.


Below you will find the link of the website from where Anne pro 2 lighting effect can be purchased at a valuable price. This website also has many other products which are outstanding quality and has value for money. 

Anne Pro 2 Lighting


As we all know, LED-based lights or the keyboard lights do affect our eyes due to high brightness and people sometimes also suffer from irritation, eye pain, headache etc. But believe me guys this is not at all the case for this Anne pro 2 lighting effects It will not make you feel bored at all or any discomfort.


Alongside customization, it also has certain other features with its lighting. The additional features that Anne pro 2 lighting effects have been that it has a system where you can fix the lighting to such a position that when you type a particular key, only that light will be visible. Alongside it has many shades according to your mood, personality or atmosphere. All its colours are very soothing to the eyes. They look very smooth, elegant and certainly have a matt finish and provide your keyboard with a very different look.


  • Anne pro 2 lighting effects has many advantages, and the first and the foremost being it allows you to work in any atmosphere. It will provide your keyboard with a beautiful set of lighting, and this enables you to work even in the dark atmosphere.
  • This backlight has got in itself an ultimate versatility in it and provides a wide variety of light range. This will eradicate the old monotonous mood and give you a fresh feeling every time you work in it.
  • Anne pro 2 lighting effects is the ultimate solution for anyone of any age as it has so many variations that it goes with every personality and age group.


While using it, I found only two types of disadvantage in Anne pro 2 lighting effects. They are, I felt it consumes more battery than few other keyboards in the market of similar variation and price range and that the lights sometimes dimmed when low on battery. 


Let us now compare our products that is Anne pro 2 lighting effects and some of the other products in the market. In this price range, we found that our product has a very thin and the weight is also very light with a significant build-up. It has a comparatively long battery which generally runs for a very long time, for me I found it comfortable while I was typing on it. So when we are comparing it with some other product say DUCKY ONE 2 MINI LIGHTING EFFECTS I found some features missing in the latter like the lights are little dimmed. The variety is not that pleasing; it generally has a little shrunken button on the keyboard. In my opinion, while using DUCKY ONE 2 MINI LIGHTING EFFECTS, I found a little discomfort to my eyes as well as the typing experience was also not pleasing. Although to talk about the price both has a nearly similar price range and availability as well. But I felt Anne pro 2 lighting effects is better than DUCKY ONE 2 MINI LIGHTING EFFECTS. 


As per the buyers what I found was that they are quite satisfied with the lighting facility of Anne pro 2 lighting effects and have almost rated it 4/5 nearly everywhere. I too have a similar verdict.


Without arguing, we can say that your keyboard is one of the main components that your PC has. For people who are obsessed with their Pc’s and are gamers for them to decorate their keyboard, to give it a new look, to make it stand among your gang is fundamental. Hence I think lighting is a great option to do so. Right now in the market, I feel Anne pro 2 lighting effects is the best product because it’s quite pocket friendly as well as does the job. So, friends, I give full thumbs up to the product. And I rate is 4.5/5.