Hello, friends, we are right back yet another time with a fantastic review of anne pro 2 gateron brown. I am quite sure this entire period of lockdown has been quite boring for you or let me place it this way, was is only work from home or was it, online classes?

Well, whatever it was we have learnt that this is the new standard right. The world is here, the new way of life is here, and that’s online. Hence products like keyboards, laptop, PC, mouse are products that are the current talk of the town. So we are again here with a very important review that enhances our day to day activity, be it for office or school.

Today we shall be reviewing Anne pro 2 gateron brown. First, before jumping into the review of the product, let us know what gateron brown is, what are its uses, features etc. Now to talk about gateron brown or what is it, we must say that it is a tactile switch that has around 45 g weights and its base is said to be of around 55g. 



Anne pro 2 gateron brown are switches which weigh around 45g with a basis weight of 55g. This makes it a very light switches. This is a quite smooth product. The top housing of this product, in my opinion, is relatively standard it’s not very extraordinary.

But at this price, it’s quite good. Its bottom housing is also similar to nothing special or extraordinary. Yes, you can say that it is quite similar to the Cherry MX, but the staring feature of Anne pro 2 gateron brown is that it is very much smoother than Cherry MX.

A user who is fascinated with the typing sound and gets thrilled with it this is your product. They are designed in such a way that it provided quite a sound.


If you are a gadget freak, then you will tend to read many articles to gain knowledge. Hence not a different case for me as well. In many articles, I have heard that people after having many different switches have again and again came back to Anne pro 2 gateron brown as it’s so good.

Well from all the articles, reviews, feedback that I have read or came across I have got an average rating of 4.5/5 for Anne pro 2 gateron brown.


Anne pro 2 gateron brown is believed to be the best among many switches be it the blue ones or red. They are really smooth and very rapid. It gives you a very buttery feeling while you are using it.

This has no interruption during ongoing work. Anne pro 2 gateron are believed to have subtle positive bumps, and yes I did also feel so while using it.

Now let’s come to the big reveal is Anne pro 2 gateron brown a very advanced gaming tool. Well, then my answer will be absolute, yes.

If you are a person who is looking for that keystroke, a louder, sharp click, a very effortless stoke or typing experience during gaming and definitely a sweetly bump then this is your product man. Don’t try even to think twice grab it. As stated earlier also they are tactile switches.


Well, the websites that I have provided below is one of my favourite website from where I like to shop my products. Whenever I am onto any gadgets hands down, it’s these sites I go for.

They are very reliable with a quality product at a great price. The price range with description, feature, review, and return policy everything is excellent.



As always here I will provide the range in which this product generally is available. It naturally starts at $105 and goes on to $110. This range is in my personal opinion and may vary depending upon the market demand, version and other market factors.


So let’s come to the design. Well, it has got an entire set up nothing extraordinary or remarkable. Standard upper and bottom housing, with a go-to go body and a suitable good spring. Well at this price what more can you have. I must say it’s not bad.


Till date, I have used many switches but believe me when I say this Anne pro 2 gateron brown switches at this price are the best. The sound, the nature of it is commendable. The Anne Pro 2 product itself is so good that I cannot stop bragging about it.

It’s clear from this statement that any parts of this product are bound to be good. Moreover, the experience that I have got while typing or while playing games it’s just out of the world. Very smooth and seamless.


Probably already stated but yes why not once more. Very comfortable, smooth. It’s a user-friendly product, and the pocket pinch is also relatively low.


Very user-friendly product. It may seem that its loud sound, smooth nature is only for gamers and it’s made for them. But to be very honest it’s not so. As I being both an officer goer as well as a heavy gamer, I know that this product cannot be wrong for office user also.

It’s just that if you place an excellent keycap to reduce the sound the product is yours. Office people grab it this is so smooth that it’ll make you work from home really smooth and so goes for students. It provides a superb typing experience.


Well well well people have stated that this product is the best. And much better than many other high price product. For example, if we compare with Cherry MX, then our product for the day is much smoother.

It’s said that at such cheap price Anne pro 2 gateron brown is way better than Cherry MX. The Cherry MX is said to be stiffer which by the term stiff has already given you the idea that there may be a difficulty in typing. Hence without argue at this price Anne pro 2 gateron brown is best.



The final verdict that I give is always my personal opinion hence may vary from user to user. Well, I firmly believe in one thing that when you are comparing and rating a product always keep in mind its price.

There always will be a product inferior or superior to your product but at this price what you get is what matter. Hence fro Anne pro2 gatron brown at this price for me is the best buy for a while. No turning back and I am surely going to be hooked onto this product now for some time for sure. For Anne pro 2 gatron brown is 4.8/5.